Nexus 5 Memory leak issue via System UI resurfaces with Android 6.0.1 MOB31E

The issue was supposedly marked as solved, because it was, but it has now re-emerged from the death on Nexus 5, on build MOB31E, at least. This comes after we came to know about a Nexus 6 problem on Android Nougat that won’t allow the calls over 4G to any network, neither normally nor via messenger apps. Google is already facing some complaints over Nexus Issues, BTW!

If you are experiencing app force close, launcher redrawing when going back to home screen, services restarting, etc. then this is the issue with your device: its system UI app is eating up all the available memory, and is not freeing it up as it should, thus no memory becoming available for the rest of the apps and services on the device, causing them to force close, or redraw.

This isn’t an issue that you can solve just like that, as Google will need to work on this.

Solution: Well, wait for Google to release an update to fix this. In the meantime, download a clean up app from the play store, which won’t let System UI eat up all the memory available, limiting its memory usage.

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