New Nexus 4 benchmarks are impressive

Hardware website AnandTech had previously run benchmarks on a pre-release unit of the upcoming LG Nexus 4, but the results hadn’t been particularly impressive, with scores achieved by the device less than the Optimus G in many tests, which packs in the same processor and graphics chip. However, a Reddit user has found unpublished results of new benchmarks run by AnandTech on the Nexus 4 on GLBenchmark, and at least the graphics results this time are more in line with what is expected with the hardware of the device.

The unpublished scores are almost double of the previously published scores, which showed the Adreno 320 GPU inside the Nexus 4 getting beat by the previous generation Adreno 220 GPU in devices like the Galaxy S3, HTC One X, and even the Motorola RAZR M. The newer results show quite a bit of difference, from 13% in one test up to 81% in another, putting the Nexus 4 at the top in most benchmarks, which should put to rest concerns of the Nexus 4 not being as optimized despite the powerful hardware.

The newer CPU results, however, will not be available till AnandTech decides to publish them, but with such huge gains in graphics performance between the two benchmarks, we can expect CPU performance to increase as well. After all, the Nexus 4 does run stock Android 4.2 without any bloat and specially optimized for the hardware, so beating other devices with the latest processor and graphics chipset shouldn’t be a difficult task.

While benchmark scores aren’t an indication of real world performance (a disclaimer that gets thrown around a lot), and the Nexus 4 has been shown to run really fast, there were some who were put off by the poor benchmark results, but I guess these new scores will do a fair bit to change their minds and increase their prospects of buying the Nexus 4, lack of 4G LTE notwithstanding.

Hit the links below to get more detailed info on the benchmark results.

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