Motorola X Phone Release slated for June End/Early July


Motorola has been hard at work to turn around their company fortunes, especially since Google acquired them and made a whole lot of changes to put the company on the right track. The X Phone from Motorola has long been rumored to be the device that will bring Motorola back on top, and PhoneArena‘s sources now say that it will be launched sometime at the end of June/early July.

The excitement around the X Phone stems from the fact that this will be the first Motorola smartphone developed with inputs from Google, particularly when it comes to the software. Not much is known about the X’s specs, except that the battery capacity will be around the same as the RAZR MAXX phones and the display will be 4.8″ and made out of sapphire glass, and there have also been rumors that the X Phone will be customizable in some way by the customer before they order one.

The Motorola X Phone is expected to be unveiled at Google I/O in May, most likely running on Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), which is also expected to be shown off at I/O. Motorola has recently changed for the better when it comes to software updates, thanks to Google’s influence, so here’s hoping the X Phone shows that influence in the hardware as well.

Via: Phone Arena