LineageOS 15.1 ROM on OnePlus 6 is now available

Back in the day when manufacturer software support was not a pressing issue, custom ROMs were the only way the Android community enjoyed unfiltered access to the best features and design elements. The days of CyanogenMod being a larger-than-life custom ROM platform for hundreds of Android device is long gone, but the saga of custom ROMs continues with its true successor, the LineageOS ROMs.

Thanks to the boost provided by Google’s Project Treble initiative, the rollout of LineageOS 15.1 is sped up to reach out to newly launched devices like the OnePlus 6 so much sooner than it ever did before. While still in early form, LineageOS 15.1 for OnePlus 6 is already here, and you can start installing it on your 2018 flagship killer right now.


How to install LineageOS 15.1 for OnePlus 6

While LineageOS is yet to begin working on the Experimental or even Nightly builds for LineageOS 15.1 on the OnePlus 6, experienced developer phusson from XDA has already pushed out the Alpha release. They’ve done so by integrating the LineageOS GSI (Generic System Image) OpenGapps (Google Play apps and services) into a flashable system.ini file, which available for download.

The entire process requires you to first flash the official boot image to the A/B partitions of the system, and then flash the modified system.ini file, all using the ADB and Fastboot tools from Google since the Minimal ADB and Fastboot tools don’t seem to work. Even this seems to bring up some bootloop errors for users, which can then be rectified by changing the boot path of the system.

It is safe to say that the experimental LineageOS 15.1 ROM for OnePlus 6 is not for the average user just yet. But with the development starting off, you can expect a beta version which is easier to flash to be available soon enough. In the meantime, for the brave of heart who want to push ahead and see what LineageOS 15.1 on the 2018 flagship killer looks like in live action, be sure to closely follow the XDA thread on it.


Excited to know when a user-friendly version of LineageOS 15.1 ROM is coming to OnePlus 6? We’ll be here to inform you and walk you through it all step-by-step. 

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