LG Zone 4 Android 10 update, security updates, and more: Verizon releases March patch

Well, until Verizon makes any official communication, the best you can expect on your LG Zone 4 handset is Android security patches, so make sure you grab the latest version the moment it shows up.

If it hasn’t already, don’t fret. OTA updates usually take days before every unit gets the download notification. While you can simply sit back and wait for it, there’s also the option to try and force the update via the Settings menu, but this doesn’t always work.

Android 10

Will LG Zone 4 get Android 10 update?

Well, nope. The device runs on Android 7.1.2 and didn’t even receive an update to Android 8.0 Oreo, let alone Android 9 Pie. Surely then, there is no chance it will live to see a day in Android 10.

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That said, LG’s Android 10 development work seems to be going great, with the update recently leaking out for the V50 and G8 handsets in Korea.

LG UX 9.1
LG Android 10 update on LG V50 on the right [UX 9.1]

LG Zone 4 update timeline

Date Update version & Android OS Changelog
28 May 2019 X210VPP13a | Android 7.1.2 May 2019 security update
28 Mar 2019 X210VPP12c | Android 7.1.2 March 2019 security update
23 Jan 2019 X210VPP12b | Android 7.1.2 January 2019 security update
17 Dec 2018 X210VPP12a | Android 7.1.2 December 2018 security update
20 Nov 2018 X210VPP11b | Android 7.1.2 November 2018 security update
24 Oct 2018 X210VPP11a | Android 7.1.2 September 2018 security update
10 Sep 2018 X210VPP10e | Android 7.1.2 August 2018 security patch
22 July 2018 X210VPP10d | Android 7.1.2 July 2018 security patch
22 May 2018 X210VPP10c | Android 7.1.2 May 2018 security patch

Verizon LG Zone 4 Update

Release Date Software version — Changelog
20 Mar 2020 X210VPP14c — March 2020 security patch
23 Jan 2020 X210VPP14b — January 2020 security patch

Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie

Status: Neither Oreo (Android 8.0 and 8.1) nor Pie (Android 9) is expected

As pointed out, it took us by surprise when the LG Zone 4 came preinstalled with Android 7.1.2 Nougat the same time Android Pie was announced. This in itself shows a lack of commitment from both parties, which should scare anyone concerned about software updates when going for Zone 4. With this in mind, we don’t think Zone 4 will go past Nougat unless Verizon and LG have a surprise in the works, which we won’t mind!

On the brighter side, the duo has started off well with monthly security patches, which we’ve highlighted below. This table will also be updated regularly with all software updates released to the LG Zone 4.

Have any questions about LG Zone 4 updates? Feel free to shoot them in your comments below.

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