LG G6 gets the specs rumored again!

We have heard countless times that LG will be ditching the modules for the G5, given the flop it proved with the G5, but the G6 specs are something that continue to remain fairly doubtful till now. But now we have G6 specs coming from a trusted source, who reveals that the LG’s latest flagship in 2017 will pack in 5.5-inch display, topping it up 4K resolution.

Yes, 4K, that translates into 4096 x 2160 pixels. That could be the best resolution see on a mobile device for a while, even though the G6 won’t be the first ever Android phone to sport it.

Moreover, the rumor also says the LG G6 will be company’s first ever flagship device with water-proof (read: water-resistant) capability.

Earlier, it was revealed that G6 would also feature MST tech for payments via mobile, and wireless charging tech, something it badly needs to keep up with Samsung’s offering, which would be Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Frankly, 4K display is cool if you are looking for some VR action, because with that, more pixels means more amazement. While, for daily use, even a 1080p display is cool, and LG may provide you an option under Display settings to bring the resolution down to that, because it’d be a big battery saver.

We think LG will go with the non-removable battery too, because it’s opting for water-resistant device this time around, although it’s not impossible to make the device water-resistant with removable back cover at the least.

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