New LG G6 Specs point to MST and Wireless Charging

Right now, Samsung is using the MST tech for its Samsung Pay, one that will also be featured in Galaxy S8. Now, LG has confirmed that is has decided on MST and have already started preparing for mass production of the chip. And because they say they look to introduce it in their strategic smartphone that will be released in sprint of 2017, we believe it will be part of the LG G6.

Moreover, it’s also reported that the the LG G6 will feature the wireless charging, which will be first for an LG G series handset, or even all of LG. As the company’s group company, LG Innotek, recently announced the wireless charger too, all of this seems perfectly fitting.

Lastly, LG won’t ditch NFC, so if you like Android Pay more than MST based LG Pay, you don’t need to bother as the former will work perfectly too.

MST allows you to pay using the same transaction system which credit cards use, so its acceptability is pretty great right off the bat.

Earlier, it was reported that LG G6 won’t feature modular accessories like the G5 did, and the latter’s performance in the market is to blame. Plus, Motorola did it better anyway. Even more, the concept isn’t very exciting.

We think LG would have to do a lot more than all of these new features they are trying to rope in, because competition and quality-on-budget is pretty high these days. Just look at latest offering from Chinese companies — Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Mate 9 Pro, etc. — and you know why we think LG would struggle unless it brings something extraordinary.

I personally think LG G6 will have dual-curved display, because it is LG’s display unit who it sourcing these dual edged panels to Huawei (for Mate 9 Pro) and Xiaomi (Mi Note 2). And more so because LG would need it more than ever to bring the best available in display.

Lastly, the LG G6 should launch with Android 7.1 out of the box.

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  1. do this smartphone comes with a laser autofocus ? if yes then it will be great

  2. do this smartphone comes with a laser autofocus ? if yes then it will be great

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