[Rumor] LG G6 to feature 3D glass back and 2.5D LCD display

LG is looking to re-invent its mobile business with the LG G6, after its last flagship in G5 — it can be said — failed miserably. Sure, LG has got lot of work to of work to do with the G6, then.

And LG is indeed doing lot of work. Today’s tidbits out of Korea reveal that LG is planning to use a 3D glass back on the device, which also helps with wireless charging against the meta body that featured on LG G5. The G6’s glass back is reportedly to eb supplied by China Biel.

Moreover, the front of the LG G6 would feature a 2.5D LCD display, rumored to be of 5.3-inch, and supplied by Sixteen Cnetsu.

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Wireless charging looks like confirmed for the LG G6, and the decision to use glass back looks to be inspired from that. It also says that LG G6 would be waterproof device, as LG looks to tick all the checks that make the Galaxy S8, nearly.

LG G6 release is rumored to be preponed by LG, slated at February 2017-end, or early March 2017. Traditionally, LG used to released the handset in late March. This could be LG looking to take advantage of delayed release of the Galaxy S8 by Samsung, rumored for April 2017.

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