LG G6 to release earlier than usual in Feb end or early March?

LG has been releasing its flagship G series sets in March-end and early-April for years, but this time around, it’s being reported that LG wants an early release of its G6, perhaps looking to cash in on Galaxy S8’s delayed release.

LG G6 is set to battle it out with the Galaxy S8 in 2017, and the company is looking to move a step ahead in this battle. With the news breaking earlier that 6 inch Galaxy S8 Plus is a sure-fire thing, along with 5 inch regular Galaxy S8 — both with curved display — it also became convincing rumor that Samsung has pushed the Galaxy S8 release by a month, with the device set for unveiling in New York in April.

Hell, Samsung even pushed C5 Pro’s release date to February 2017 for that, to fill the gap between its C7 Pro’s release in January and Galaxy S8’s April release.

Anyway, LG wants to en-cash on that. It’s being said that LG has already ordered parts with its suppliers as regards G6, and would want to launch the G6 in early March in 017, if not February-end.

LG G6 is expected to be announced on MWC 2017 — where Galaxy S8 was supposed to be taken wraps off too — and while LG has been doing so for past few years too, with releasing its device in March end, this time, it’s targeting early March. LG G5, for example, was launched on March 31.

Reports also indicate that G6 is entering production a month earlier too, to fulfill LG’s want of Feb-end to early-March 2017 launch.

Impact on LG G6 Specs?

Well, we have some clue as to why Samsung has delayed Galaxy S8’s release: extra device testing to prevent another Note 7-like recall is one, but making Galaxy S8 their best offering in history is another, equally important one.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature in the best specs available at the moment, and doing all that is resulting in Samsung needing more time, thus later release.

But LG, has it finalized the G6’s specsheet? Is it able to provide the best specs possible (for the Galaxy S8, for example) a month earlier?

Well, we doubt that. By all accounts, it seems that LG might have to do few compromises on specs to come out with an early release of LG G6.

That’s not to say it’s entirely impossible for LG to pack in the best specsheet, which it already does most of the times pretty well, but there are other things than specsheet that LG needs to take care of.

First of which is use metal, glass or a combination of both, for G6’s body’s construction. Having said goodbye to Mods for the G6, LG is able to fully concentrate on its G6, and G6 only, without needing to plan for G6 Mods this time.

We can only hope that LG is able to match Galaxy S8’s specs, build quality and other stuff, even when releasing its hope-of-2017 a month earlier than usual.

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