Galaxy C5 Pro release set in February 2017, C7 Pro gets January 21 date for China

Update [December 22, 2016]: New rumors coming out of China bring us some good news, and some bad. While the Galaxy C7 Pro will release as expected in January, launch of Galaxy C5 Pro has been delayed to February.

The Galaxy C7 Pro should release in China on January 21, 2017. While, the Galaxy C5 Pro will hit the stores in February only, because Samsung wanted to fill the gap from Galaxy S8’s April release. When these devices are launched outside China is unknown right now.

Update [December 15, 2016]: The launch date for the Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 Pro has been postponed as per the latest set of rumors. Both sets looks set for release in January 2017, rather than December 2015 as was reported earlier.

But the good news is that the C7 Pro has been spotted at TENAA and WiFi Alliance, meaning Samsung has obtained clearance from Chinese authority, and the international WiFi authority.

This basically translates into Samsung readying the C7 Pro for release, which we think will be joined by C5 Pro too. SO, we’re not far from the day Samsung launches C5 Pro and C7 Pro, but the wait could go on until January second half.

Let’s hope the Galaxy C5 Pro too makes a visit to TENAA and Galaxy C5 Pro pretty soon.

A wild rumor — that’s all it is right now — is drumming pretty loud today, about the Galaxy C5 Pro and C7 Pro new sets from Samsung. The C9 Pro was released only last month by Samsung, while the original C5 and C7 were unveiled back in June — so is six month’s time necessitates the need for revised version. Well, yes, as we saw with the OnePlus 3T, which released only yesterday.

The specsheet won’t go a big change over the Galaxy C5 and Galaxy C7 then, of course, but here are tidbits available for the your read. First up, the rumored model no. for the Galaxy C5 Pro is SM-C5010, while that for C7 Pro is SM-C7010.

As for the Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro, the processor could be given a lifting in the form of Snapdragon 625 chipset. And that’s all rumor has been till now. We expect the display to remain same at 5.2″, while RAM and storage options could use a slight upgrade, as always is the case with mobile phones.

Talking of Galaxy C7 Pro, rumors tell of an upgrade in the form of Snapdragon 626 processor, and that’s that here too. Let’s see how this rumor shapes up, in the meanwhile, keep an eye on our Samsung Nougat update page to follow all updates for the Samsung devices.

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