LG G6 might feature a Voice Assistant AI powered by Google or Amazon

A new report states that LG may be planning on introducing a new AI assistant on the upcoming LG G6 smartphone. The company might use Google or Amazon’s help in building the assistant.

Yes, LG does have a voice assistant, but it is nowhere as smart as what Google, Amazon, or Apple has to offer. Even Samsung is working on their own smart assistant for the Galaxy S8, rumored Bixby.

The LG G6 will be the flagship from the company this year and will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month. The smartphone is said to be non-modular, unlike the LG G5, and feature the latest hardware. It has also been reported that the smartphone could come with a wider QHD+ display.

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An LG representative stated that the company is planning an AI assistant, but nothing is concrete. It is possible that the G6, when announced next month, could feature an AI assistant. Or, the company could just talk about it and enable the feature in the coming months if it isn’t ready for public consumption.

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