How to View Sensitive Content on Twitter

Thanks to the grandeur of Twitter, millions of its users are regularly exposed to a variety of content — text, image, and video alike. It’s easy to get lost in the dynamic and ever-changing pixels of the social network, especially because Twitter is one of the most liberal and easygoing services out there. Lenient as Twitter may be, it still restricts some images and videos, hoping to save you from the horrors of the internet.

However, if the kiddy gloves do not work for you, there’s the option of disabling all of it and have it your way. And today, that’s exactly what we’re focusing on. So, without further ado, let’s check out how you could view sensitive content on Twitter. 

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What is considered sensitive content on Twitter?

As discussed above, Twitter is one of the most liberal social networking services out there. It does not bat an eye in most cases. However, even Twitter is forced to take action when it comes to strong nudity and gory violence.

As per Twitter’s sensitive policy users are asked not to post photos or videos that are “excessively gory or share violent or adult content within live video or in profile header, or List banner images.” Illegal content and sexual violence are also frowned upon. If you still take matters into your own hands and post, Twitter may very well slap you with a ‘Sensitive Content’ warning. 

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How to view sensitive content while browsing

While browsing through the uncharted waters of Twitter, you may come across posts that are sensitive in nature — with the sensitive content warning slapped on top. Twitter also informs that the content it is hiding might be disturbing for you. If you feel confident about being unaffected by the content, you can choose to view it in its true form. Tap on ‘View content’ to reveal the content. 

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How to remove ‘Sensitive Content’ warning for good

In the previous section, we demonstrated how you could remove the sensitive warning every time you come across one. However, if you’re deep in the NSFW — ‘Not Safe for Work’ — you might end up seeing more and more such content. Unlocking them, manually, one by one is not a pleasant experience, which is why we’re looking into doing it once and save the option for good.

On Desktop (Windows and Mac)

First, log in to with your username and password. Now, on the left-hand panel, tap on ‘More.’

This will reveal all the other settings related to your account. When it does, go to ‘Settings and privacy.’

This section will reveal all the privacy settings and more about your Twitter account. Go to ‘Privacy and safety’ tab to proceed.

Now, on the right, you’ll find the option ‘Content you see.’

Right at the top, check the option ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content.’

That’s it! You won’t see the sensitivity warning ever again.

On Android and iPhone

Launch the Twitter app and log in. Now, tap on the hamburger menu button at the top-left corner of your screen.

Now, go to ‘Settings and privacy.’

You’ll see your username at the top and some options underneath. Go to ‘Privacy and safety.’

Finally, under the ‘Safety’ banner, toggle on ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content.’

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How to include sensitive content in search results

If sensitive content is turned off, Twitter also refrains you from showing you results that are NSFW or sensitive, even if you’re specifically looking for them. You can remove this option as well.

On Desktop (Windows and Mac)

After logging in to, click on ‘More’ on the panel on your right. Now go to ‘Settings and privacy.’

Next, click on ‘Privacy and safety.’

Then, you’ll need to go to ‘Content you see.’

Explore the ‘Search setting’ option.

Uncheck the option: ‘Hide sensitive content.’

On Android and iPhone

Fire up the Twitter app and log in with your username and password. Hit the hamburger menu at the top-left corner of your screen and go to ‘Settings and privacy.’

Now, tap on ‘Content preferences.’

Then, go to ‘Search settings.’

Finally, uncheck the option to ‘Hide sensitive content.’

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How to mark your Tweet as sensitive

The sensitive content warning can get pretty annoying if you’re completely against censorship. However, there are instances when it actually becomes a necessity. People who regularly post photos and videos containing nudity and violence are encouraged to mark their posts — posts with images or videos in them — as sensitive. So, whenever someone tries to take a look, Twitter can jump in and warn them about the sensitive content they may see. Now, let’s check out how you could mark your Tweets as sensitive. 

On Desktop (Windows and Mac)

First, go to and sign in. Now, on the left-hand side of the screen, click on ‘More.’ Then, click on ‘Settings and privacy.’

When the settings roll out, go to ‘Privacy and safety.’

Next, go to ‘Your Tweets.’

Finally, check the option ‘Mark media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive.’

That’s all. 

To disable the option, retrace the steps and uncheck the option ‘Mark media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive.’ 

On Android and iPhone

Launch Twitter and log in. Next, hit the hamburger menu at the top-left corner of the screen and head over to ‘Settings and privacy.’

Then, go to ‘Privacy and safety.’

Finally, toggle on ‘Mark media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive.’ 

To get back to default, come back to ‘Privacy and safety’ and toggle ‘Mark media you Tweet as having material that may be sensitive’ off. 


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