What Does LRT and LLC Mean on Twitter?

Twitter is about to be 2 decades old now but users still manage to come up with new acronyms that even baffle veteran Twitter users. If you have been keeping up with trending topics then you might have come across the acronyms ‘lrt’ and ‘llc’. So what are they? And what do they mean? Let’s find out! 


LRT is a simple acronym that translates into Last Retweet. It is a nifty addition to the huge roster of acronyms for Twitter considering the per tweet character limit. This makes it a lot easier to mention and quote your last retweets without having to waste 11 characters just to type ‘Last Retweet’. Most people use LRT to comment or add to something they last retweeted. For example, if I last retweeted a video of an iPhone 12 failing to charge, then I could retweet the following to add to the previous tweet.

#LRT It’s working now! 


This isn’t an acronym but more of a term used to define a particular group of scammers prevalent on most social media platforms and forums. Urban dictionary puts it the best, defining LLC as, 

“A community of insufferable amateur financial advisers, entrepreneurs, investors, and scammers on Twitter and social media. Usually posting unsolicited financial advice and annoying motivational one-liners about hustle culture.”

After the recent rise in popularity of r/wallstreetbets’ GameStop move, many LLC scammers have been offering wrong financial advice to unsuspecting and naive users on Twitter causing them to sometimes lose huge amounts of money. The following dummy tweets should help you understand the use and meaning of LLC on Twitter. 

LLC Twitter told me to invest in X stocks and now I am losing money by the hour. 

I shouldn’t have followed LLC Twitter’s advice to create an unhealthy work ethic. 

LLC Twitter gave this woman bad advice and now she is being countersued by the company. 

LLC does not have a full form or is not an acronym. It is also used largely on Twitter but similar groups of individuals and influencers can be found on most social media platforms. 

We hope this post helped shed some light on LLC and LRT on Twitter. If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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