How to Find Contacts on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to catch up with the latest trends in your field of interests and join in the conversations that interest you. But if you just got your Twitter account, or had one for a while but your feed doesn’t get much updates, then it may be time to upload your contacts to Twitter. When you have more people to follow, you feed will liven up by itself.

At the time of opening a Twitter account, you either have to enter a phone number, an email, or both. It is through these ways that you will be able to find people and have them find you.

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Sync Contacts from Twitter Settings

In order to find the contacts that are on your phone, it is important to sync those contacts first. Twitter will show you the accounts to follow that are linked to the phone numbers and emails of people that you have on your phone. Here’s how you can sync up all your contacts on Twitter:

Open the Twitter app and tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner. 

Tap on Settings and privacy.

Tap on Privacy and safety.

Scroll down and tap on Discoverability and contacts.

Here, make sure that you have turned on discoverability for your email or phone number (or both) so that others can find you as well. 

Then, under Contacts, tap on Sync address book contacts.

When prompted for contacts access, tap on Allow.

Once the contacts are all in sync, you will find them here. You can now view and choose which contacts you want to follow. 

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Get Sync option from the Notification bar (first-time Login)

When you first log in to Twitter from the app, you will be prompted with a “Find your friends on Twitter” notification. Instead of going through the steps in the previous method to get syncinc, all you need to do is tap on this notification.

When presented with the Sync option, tap on Sync contacts

Now you will be on the same “Contact” page that you were on with the previous method. 

Manage Contacts

Once your contacts are in sync with your Twitter account, you can even manage your contacts (follow or delete) from The option to do so is found buried in the same “Discoverability and Contacts” page that we showed before. 

Here, under contacts, click on Manage contacts.

You may be prompted to enter your password. Once you’ve done so, all your contacts will be shown in one place. Now that you’re inside, you can choose whether you want to delete a synced contact, or delete them all,  If you choose to delete all your synced contacts, the Sync contacts option that we enabled before will be turned off for the device from which you had synced them. 

So this is how you can find and manage your contacts on Twitter. Do note that in some cases, the synced contacts may not show up immediately. This is a common problem with Twitter, the only solution for which is time. Wait a while and your phone contacts should turn up in your “Twitter contacts”.

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