How to record a voice tweet for more than 140 seconds?

Longer Voice Tweets

Twitter announced a new feature called Audio Tweets recently that allows you to record and send audio as a tweet. You can record only for 140 seconds but what if you wanted to record for more than 140 seconds?

Well, Twitter realized this already and has sneaked in a good feature that will split your audio tweet that is longer than 140 seconds into multiple tweets. Here’s how it’s done.

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What are voice tweets on Twitter?

Voice tweets are like voice notes that allow you to attach the recording to your tweets. Unlike regular voice notes in many instant messaging services, voice tweets are not independent but rather an add on for your existing tweet.

You can attach your desired voice message with your tweets which not only gives a more personalized touch to your message but also helps other users get on board with you. Twitter has introduced this new feature in an attempt to help users communicate with each other more interestingly with a human touch.

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How to record a voice tweet that is longer than 140s?

Twitter has a world-famous restriction on the number of characters that can be used in a single tweet which not only helps users get to the point as soon as possible but also helps promote creativity.

Naturally, the company has imposed a 140s restriction on its new voice tweets feature as well. But thankfully the company allows you to bypass this limit from within the app itself. Let’s take a look at how you can record longer voice tweets on Twitter. Here’s how.

Launch the Twitter app on your iOS device (coming to Android, soon) and tap on the ‘Compose‘ icon to start composing your tweet.

You will now see a new icon above your keyboard that resembles wavelengths. This is the new voice tweet icon, tap on it to record your voice tweet.

This will take you to the recording screen. Tap on the ‘Record‘ button to initiate a recording.

Continue recording your tweet for as long as you want. Twitter will automatically bypass the 140s limit and attach your recording to a new tweet.

Once you are done, tap on ‘Done‘ at the bottom of your screen.

Make the necessary final changes to your tweet on the compose screen and tap ‘Tweet‘ to send your recording out into the world.

You should now have easily bypassed the time restriction set by Twitter on its voice tweets.

What is the maximum length allowed by Twitter for a single voice tweet?

Twitter allows you to thread up to 25 tweets in a single voice tweet. This means that you can record up to 58 mins and 20 seconds in a single voice tweet as each tweet amounts to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This means that you can send up to an hour-long conversation in a single tweet which should help solve any restriction that was imposed on your voice tweets earlier.

We hope this guide helped you make the most out of the new voice tweets feature by Twitter. If you end up facing issues or errors using this feature, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

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