How to unlock and go to home screen on the Galaxy S8 and Note 8

Ever since the 18:9 screen aspect ratio became the industry standard among flagship Android devices, it has been interesting to see who can cram up the front camera and sensors in the top bezel most optimally. Samsung is yet to embrace the notch display, while maintaining a minimum bezel, and although the fingerprint sensor is not on the back of Galaxy devices, features like face unlock make up for it.

However, with the Android 8.0 update rolling out, users have felt a bit of an annoyance if not really an issue when it comes to the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8. This seems to be when users to unlock the phone, and while one could do it before by simply pressing the space where the home button is supposed to be, it still asks the users to swipe up to unlock the device.

  • Head over to the Settings app of your Galaxy device.
  • Navigate to Display – Navigation bar – Unlock with Home button.
  • The feature is disabled by default, so make sure you activate it.

Once you’ve changed this setting, you’ll be able to unlock your Galaxy device by simply pressing the space where it home button is virtually located, without having to awkwardly swipe up on the gigantic screen.

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  1. HI I have a Samsung S8 model G950F that my child changed the screen access pin on and can not remember what he changed it too. Do you have software available that can access the phone without doing a factory reset as I have invaluable sentimental photos on it ?

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