Galaxy S8 Oreo update problems and possible solutions

galaxy s8 update problems and fixes

Samsung began to roll out the Android Oreo update last week to the Galaxy S8 units initially in Germany followed by the release in other markets including India, France, and Poland, though only those who participated in the Oreo beta program in Poland can get the update.

Unfortunately, though, technical issues are inevitable for almost every electronic device, and the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are no exemption to this either, especially given that the Oreo beta tests have just wrapped up. That is despite the hefty price tag that comes with the handset, which is likewise expected to serve up best-in-class performance at any rate.

In this post, we have compiled a few issues encountered by the users after downloading and installing the Oreo update as well as the corresponding solution to each problem, if available. This post also includes other existing and new software issues plaguing the Galaxy S8 device, so read on.

Galaxy S8 Oreo problems

Random restarts and device won’t start after the Oreo update

Shortly after upgrading their handset to the latest version of Android, a small number of Galaxy S8 users are beginning to report that their phone won’t start thereafter. According to one user who took to the Samsung Community page, the device has been trapped in an unending loop of restarts following the upgrade.

Unfortunately, the problem has yet to be escalated to Samsung’s technical team as the Oreo update rollout is still at an early stage, though a solution is expected sooner or later.

Users can’t change SMS notifications

Beyond the Oreo-related issues, the Galaxy S8 has also been plagued with several problems since it was released. One issue involves the phone’s inability to change the audio notifications for incoming text messages. The issue, in particular, was reported by an AT&T subscriber who claimed that the device in question reverts back to its default audio notification after changing it to something else.

One possible solution to this problem is to make sure the Messages app is the default messaging app and turning on permissions for SMS. To do this, head on to Settings > Apps > Messages and then choose ‘Set as Default’ > ‘Messages’. Then select “More Settings’ > Long press ‘Notifications’ > Notification Sound > Select your sound. After that, click on ‘Messaging App’ > Messages app. If this solution doesn’t seem to be of any help, the best way to address this problem is to contact your respective carriers.

Device randomly vibrates even with no notification

Some users have also reported that their Galaxy S8 randomly vibrates with no notification.

To fix this, according to one Samsung Community moderator, clearing the device’s cache might help solve the issue. To do so, simply turn off the device and then switch it back on by holding down the Volume Up, Home/Bixby, and Power keys until it boots into the Recovery Menu. Then use the volume up/down keys to select “Wipe Cache partition” and tap on it with the power key.

Gmail unable to sync automatically

Another existing problem with the Galaxy S8 series is the inability of Gmail to sync automatically. That means an email may remain marked as unread on other devices even after reading the same using the Gmail app on the Galaxy S8. There are a few potential solutions, nevertheless, including registering your Google account again, turning off saving mode, checking the home router, or using the mobile data only.

Samsung’s Community moderator also offers a few steps to solve the problem: go to Settings>Device Maintenance>Battery>Menu(3 dots in the top corner)>Advanced Settings>App Power Monitor. After doing this step, toggle off the last option and see if it addresses the issue.

Samsung Smart Switch unable to back up the device

Smart Switch is a feature in Samsung devices that lets users transfer contacts, photos, music, and more files to a new device. However, some users are experiencing a problem with the tool that prevents them from doing just that. The issue seems to be affecting older devices including the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Note 5 on top of the S8 series.

The problem, in particular, arises usually when transferring files to a desktop or laptop computer. One possible solution is to disable the contacts from syncing on Smart Switch.

SmartView won’t open on S8 Active

A new issue that hits some Galaxy S8 devices involves the inability of SmartView to open on the Galaxy S8 Active. SmartView allows users to view multimedia content from their mobile and PC on their Samsung Smart TV. However, it’s been displaying an error message stating: “SV and Side Sync can’t run at the same time. SideSync will be closed.”

Samsung is still sorting out this particular problem, and we’ll update this post once a solution is found.


  1. After updating my galaxy S8 to Android 8.0.0 my calendar notifications have stopped. Anyone also having this problem? And it is not just the events/reminders which were setup before the update happened, even new reminders is not working – no sound, no pop-up, nothing!

  2. My galaxy S8+ doesn’t vibrate for notifications at all, and I have the torch flash when I get a notification. This has all stopped since the new update to Android 8.0.0, along with this the phone doesn’t show message previews at all if the phone is unlocked.
    Any ideas on how to fix this? ta.

    1. Okay, let’s try this.
      For the message previews on the lock screen, open the Settings app > Lock screen and security > Notifications > and play with the settings here to turn on the previews. Make sure you have toggled it On. And then toggle off the ‘hide content’ option. Also go to ‘Show notifications from’ option, and enable all the apps using a toggle, or the apps you want to see notifications from.
      This is how my Settings look like, and I receive notifications just fine. Second, about vibrations, well have you checked that you have turned it off accidentally?
      Go to Settings app > Sounds and vibration > toggle on the option ‘Vibration Feedback’.
      Now, on this very screen, also enable it for the ‘Keyboard vibration’ option.
      Also, choose a ‘Vibration pattern’ for calls.
      Again, on the screen, go to Vibration intensity > Increase it for all types of notifications there.

      Oh, I see the notification preview issue with when the phone is unlocked. Okay, is there any particular app that’s having an issue, or the preview isn’t showing for any app?
      Anyway, open the Settings app > Notifications > Advanced > tap on the app you want notification previews of >

      Anyway, open the Settings app > Apps > tap on the app you want notification previews of > Notifications > now, do you see Categories option here? If yes, then you can easily customize what kind of notifications from the app appear how. Under the Categories section, tap on the notification type

      1. Okay, i’ve tried all of this and still, nothing. No pop-up notification when i’m in apps and no vibration when I get a text message.

        The thing is, it’s working just fine when I get an email, or when it’s facebook. It’s soley the messages app that is not working. I’ve looked through all the settings, i’ve looked in all the advanced settings for the app itself. It’s all up to date.
        Neither the vibration OR the torch flash are working for this app. I’ve tried blocking and then allowing them again, i’ve tried simply restarting the device, I worked through all your suggestions. Still nothing…

        1. And you are using the Samsung’s messaging app, right? One that comes with phone pre-installed.
          Two things you can do.
          First, update the Messaging app from the Galaxy Apps app. That’s where Samsung send updates to this app.
          Second, leave this app and Samsung behind. Try some better options from the Play Store. You can try the Textra app, or the Mood Messenger app. Both of them are fantastic, and provide lots of customization. Go for it.

          1. That’s right, the one that comes pre-installed. I update all the apps when I update the device, so this was the first thing I checked.

            Thankyou for your suggestions 🙂

  3. Every since updating My S8+ none of my widgets update. Tried several different clock widget and wifi widgets. They only update on launch and sometimes even become totally transparent. Any ideas?

  4. On my att s8+ the ringtone reset back to silent after selecting any ringtones only contacts with assigned ringtones works any other random calls are silent but vibrates.

  5. on my samsung s8, if i swipe a notification from the drop down the badge no longer displays. it used to remain until i opened the app and read the email or text. anyway to fix this?

    1. I would like to know this answer too! I hate that it clears it off of the app but still has the open to have the badge counter. If you get the instant notification and clear it to keep your phone from draining battery due to the led light flashing why does it clear the badge too?

  6. After update i no longer can set notification tones for different contacts, its just the standard notification tone. Anyone know a fix? Samsung s8plus

  7. Hey I’m having an issue on Verizon, no getting any 4G LTE signal, just 3G. I’ve tried resetting Network settings and have tried hard reboots and airplane mode as well. Please help.

  8. Thank you so much!! I was going mad with the vibration problem! The solution worked for my S8+ Exynos

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