How To See Halo Infinite Stats and K/D Ratio in 2 Ways

Halo Infinite has been the talk of the town since the multiplayer beta was launched a few weeks ago. If you are a new player to the game then it might be surprising to know that it’s quite hard to read your and other users’ stats within the game.

While this was a feature initially seen in the closed multiplayer beta of the game, the functionality since then seems to have been removed from the game. So is there a way to view your current stats in Halo Infinite? Let’s find out!

Can you check stats in Halo Infinite?

Yes, you can view your Halo Infinite stats using third-party apps. Sadly, it seems to be a hit or miss for Steam users as the tools seem to rely on Xbox services to source the information.

Having a sole Steam account seems to cause issues with this tool. Nonetheless, you can use the guide below to check your entire Halo Infinite stats. In case you are looking to only use in-game tools then you can get your Kill to Death ratio within the game for now. Follow the guide below to get you started. 

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Check Halo Infinite stats in 2 Ways

Using your Gamertag in both the methods given below, you can check the Halo Infinite stats pretty easily. Let’s check them out.

Method #01: Check Halo Infinite stats Using Halo Infinite tracker

We recommend you use HaloTracker to track your stats in Halo Infinite for now. This is a popular third-party utility that helps track all your stats using your (or somebody else’s) Xbox Gamertag.

Let’s first see how you can find your Gamertag and use that to check your stats. You can skip the finding Gamertag part if you already know it. To find your Xbox Gamertag with Microsoft (whether you play on PC or Xbox), visit first. Now, Click on ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Once signed in, click your profile icon in the top right to get a pop-up that reveals your Gamertag with your email ID. Note down the Gamertag.

You can now use the guide below to view your stats for with your Gamertag. Of course, you can use the Gamertag of a friend or any one for that matter to check their stats, if available.

Visit now. Type the Gamertag in the field called “Enter Xbox Live Username” at the top.

Click on the profile icon from the search results.

Wait a few seconds for the stats to load.

You should now be able to view all your stats on the next webpage as shown below. 

Method #02: Check Halo Infinite stats using Cryptum halodotapi URL

A very quick to check Halo Infinite stats using the Xbox Gamertag is to simply visit the Cryptum halodotapi URL given below, replacing the yourname in the URL with the Gamertag you want to see stats of.

So, if our Gamertag is kapils13, then after making the changes as mentioned above, the resulting URL will be:

Using the above, we can our stats, as given below.

How to view the K/D ratio in Halo Infinite

To view your K/D ratio in Halo Infinite, hit ‘Tab’ on the score screen once a match is over. You should then be able to view your K/D ratio on the next screen. This however is quite inconvenient and time-limited and hence we recommend taking a screenshot to keep scores if you’re interested. 

► For more help and a guide for this, visit our page on checking KD stats here.

Also, note that the second method given above to check Halo Infinite stats also gives you also gets you your K/D ratio. And it is so easy to use too.

Are stats permanently removed in the game?

All signs, for now, point at this being a temporary removal. A stats section was available to the players during the closed multiplayer beta of Halo Infinite hence it is likely that it will be reintroduced in the future.


Here are a few commonly asked questions about Halo Infinite game stats that should help you get up to speed. 

Can you check stats in-game?

For now, as of writing this post, you can not check stats in-game. You can however use third-party tools to view your Halo Infinite stats. 

Why is there no option to check stats?

It could be due to development hiccups or inaccuracy in calculating stats as this section was available to players earlier. This feature could very well be reintroduced in the future as the multiplayer leaves its beta stages. 

We hope this post helped you view your stats in Halo Infinite easily. If you face any issues or have any more questions for us, feel free to drop a comment below. 


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