How to get the Secret Weapon in Echoes of a Cold War

Ready to head back to Mount Yamantau? The last mission where you were on this Mountain, was back in Black Ops the first game in the series. Now, you’re back here after almost 13 years in Call of Duty’s ‘Echoes of a Cold War’ mission.

So in this mission, you’ll be playing as Mason. Woods will be providing you with some helpful reconnaissance and in a nutshell, you’ll have to make your way through this while soaking it all up.

As with other missions in this CoD epic title, strap up to find some awesome secrets as well as Easter eggs!

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Where is the Secret Weapons Locker in Echoes of a Cold War?

A while after when the mission’s begun and you’ve progressed ahead, you’ll come across a moment where you will be ziplining into a facility. (Spoiler alert) Here, your zipline will actually break, causing you to lose your weapon and getting separated from Woods:

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Because you took this tumble, you’ll end up losing your weapon and would now be facing the enemies armed with just a knife. We suggest you kill an enemy and steal his weapon, as you’ll be facing quite a few enemies soon!

Keep moving ahead until you come up to this specific place in the game: A dark-lit room with a chunk of enemies you’ll have a close-quarters encounter with.

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Immediately after the fight, you’ll have a smaller room on your left which you’ll be able to enter through an opening on its wall. Head in, and you’ll find a secret ‘Weapons Locker’ which will give you a new optional task to perform.

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

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Finding the Key to Secret Weapons Locker in Cold War

So in order for you to open that Weapons Locker you just found, you’ll need to find the key which is located at another spot on the map. Moving on, you’ll eventually land up in what looks like a conference room that’ll have several enemies for you to take out.

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Deal with the enemies that take you on here, then head down the corridor towards the right. This area won’t be marked for you, so don’t get side-tracked!

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Going down the corridor, you’ll come across a yellow lamp-lit room with filing cabinets and boxes lying around.

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Head further into this room down a thinner corridor and that shall lead you to a desk at the end of it. You’ll find a key placed on the desk. This is the key that’ll let you open the Secret weapons locker!

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Now that you’ve got the key, you can head back to the room we showed you above, back to the Weapons Locker. Open the locker, and you’ll find a picture of Steiner and a Python pistol called ‘Redeemer’.

Screengrab via: dkdynamite

Just when you’re done opening this Weapons Locker, you’ll be treated to a repeating Easter egg: Red numbers will flash over your screen! This is obviously a reference back to Black Ops 1, as you’re playing Alex Mason.

We suspect it also has to do with the fact that you’re looking at an image of Friedrich Steiner, who played a major role in Brainwashing Mason.

So there you have it! We hope this guide helps you find the Secret Weapons locker as well as the key to unlock it while playing Echoes of Cold War. Check back with us later, for more on Cold War easter eggs and achievements!


Screengrab via: dkdynamite

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