How To Get Out Of A Group On Messenger And What Happens When You Do This

Get Out Of A Group On Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app is a great way to stay in touch with your friends. The app is filled with cool functions like games, AR filters, etc. One such function is the group chat. A downside of the group chat function is that anyone can add you to a group without your consent. In this article, we will cover how you can leave a group chat on Facebook Messenger, and what happens when you do.

What is Group chat in Messenger?

Facebook’s Messenger app lets you communicate with people in your Facebook friends list. While it was originally part of the same app, the Messenger app became its own entity in 2011. Like other Instant Messaging apps, Messenger has a ‘group chat’ feature that lets you simultaneously chat with a group of people. The maximum number of members allowed on a group chat is 250.

The group chat in Messenger has a number of features. You can create voice and video group calls from right within the group. You can also send media, and use Facebook’s stickers to communicate with fun.

How to leave a Group chat in Messenger

Sometimes, Group chats can get quite tiring; especially if there are a large number of people online. Luckily there is a way to leave a group chat in Messenger. Even if you were added to a group by mistake, you can always remove yourself easily.

On iPhone and Android app

To leave a group chat, launch the Messenger app on your phone, and locate the group. Now tap on the ‘i’ in the top right corner.

In the next menu, scroll down and select ‘Leave Group’. You will have to reconfirm once more.


You can also leave a group from the Messenger web app. To do so visit the Messenger website and log in with your credentials. You will see your conversations in the left panel along with any groups.

Hover the cursor over the group that you would like to leave and click on the three dots that appear. In the following window, select ‘Leave Group’.

What happens when you leave a group chat in Messenger?

When you leave a group chat in Messenger, you will notice that the chat disappears completely from your list of conversations. While previously Facebook lets you read old messages on the group even after you left, an update to the app now prevents that.

Once you leave a group, you can no longer view messages from that group. You cannot even search for the group in your conversation. You will no longer receive notifications from the group. There is no way for you to rejoin the group other than being added back.

Do the participants get notified when you leave a group chat on Messenger?

Yes. When you leave a group chat, a notification appears in the chat informing everyone that you have left the chat. However, it is not a push notification (like a message), so they will only know if they open the Messenger app.

There is no way to leave a group chat on Messenger without notifying everyone.

Can you still view messages when you leave a group chat on Messenger?

No. Once you leave a group chat, you can no longer view messages on that chat. In fact, you cannot find the group anymore. The group chat is removed from your conversation list. You will no longer get notification from the group chat.

Previously you could still view the older chat messages when you left the group chat. However, an update to the app now gets rid of the group completely.

Can others view your messages if you leave a group chat?

Yes. All messages remain on the group, even if you leave the group. The messages can be viewed by anyone in the group chat. You will not receive notifications if someone reacts to your message.

There is no way to delete all your messages before leaving a group. Unlike Secret conversations, you cannot delete messages for everyone in the group. If you delete a message it only disappears from your side of the conversation.

Can others view your shared media if you leave a group chat?

Like messages, your media also remains intact on the group chat when you leave. If you shared something on the group chat, it will remain accessible to the remaining members even after you leave the chat. You will not get notified if someone reacts on the media.

What happens if you are re-added to the same group chat?

Interestingly, if you are added back to the same group that you left, you can view all the previous messages on the group. Additionally, you can even read what was messaged while you left! So be careful what you type when someone has left the group because they will be able to read it all if they are added back.

You can also access media that was shared while you had left the group. Naturally, you cannot add yourself back to a group chat on Messenger. You must be added by one of the members of the group.

How to silence notifications from a group chat on Messenger?

As mentioned above, there is no way to leave a group without notifying everyone in the group. However, if you are simply annoyed with the constant notifications, you can fix that without having to leave the group or notify anyone!

Launch the Messenger app on your phone and locate the group. Now tap in the ‘i’ in the top right corner.

Scroll down and select ‘Ignore’ Group’.

When you Ignore a group, the group chat is moved to your Spam folder. You will no longer receive notifications when people message on the group.

To move an Ignored group chat back to your chats page, all you have to do is send a message in it. You can locate the Spam folder, by tapping on your profile picture in the top left corner, then going to Message Requests > Spam.

Well, now you know how to leave a group chat on Messenger and what happens when you do. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below. 



  1. Absolutely none of these suggestions are current anymore. There is no option to leave a group chat when I press the “i” symbol, nor is there an “ignore group” function. I have an Android phone and somehow a friend put me on a group chat that I’ve been trying for a over a month to leave. There’s no excuse for Messenger to have made this so ridiculously complicated. I have no options when I select the “i” icon other than a list of the people in the group and a “View Photos and Videos” option.

  2. Thank you for the information! In order not to create a group and send messages to users on Facebook, I use a software called cucomm. The program automatically sends messages and can add users to friends. This is convenient and saves time, I advise you to try it if you use Facebook for work purposes.

  3. Hi … Friend sells things on Marketplace and when someone responds they have “Created a Group” … sometimes AFTER my friend gives them personal information (address) and THEN they decide not to come over and he WANTS TO REMOVE HIS ADDRESS … how can he do that? … it appears by ‘Leaving the Group” or ‘Delete Chat’ only REMOVES info for him … and if he DELETES the comment, it only deletes for ‘him’ and not them … not good … whereas on regular Messenger, when we DELETE A COMMENT it deletes for EVERYONE … so my question is: HOW CAN HE REMOVE PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM A CHAT MESSAGE so the other person can no longer see it? we can’t seem to find info and I don’t know what to tell him.

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