Facebook, Instagram, and Threads were down (for a while)!

What to know

  • All three Meta-owned social media platforms were experiencing major outages this Tuesday morning.
  • Facebook and Threads were logging users out without letting them log back in. Instagram was not refreshing feeds.
  • Things, however, look like they’ve gotten better. 
  • WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be affected by the outage and is working fine.

If you were experiencing issues refreshing your feed or cannot even log in on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, you’re not alone. A major outage seems to have affected users on all three Meta-owned platforms this Tuesday morning. 

Update: All three platforms seem to be working fine now.

Meta-owned social media platforms facing outages

The issue appears to have started around 10 AM EST and may be a widespread issue affecting users around the world. Where Facebook and Threads users are being logged out of their accounts, Instagram is refusing to refresh feeds. 

Meta’s status page acknowledges the issue, citing ‘Major disruptions’. 

Downdetector also shows a major spike in reports for Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. Meanwhile, affected users on all three Meta user platforms are hanging out on X (formerly Twitter, one of Meta’s major rivals). 

Although it’s not uncommon for social media sites to face such outages, having it happen on three of the major platforms all at once is a serious issue. On a lighter note, it is a fine day to take an unplanned break from social media. 

Note that the issue appears to have been resolved now. 

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