How to get Clipchamp premium for free

Since its acquisition, Microsoft has planned for Clipchamp to be a part of the Microsoft 365 suite. And after trying out different price plans for Clipchamp for a year and integrating it into the suite, Microsoft seems to have landed the right balance between free and paid plans. But what if you want to access the premium features without additional cost? 

Starting from the Windows 11 22H2 update, Clipchamp has become Windows’ default video-editing app replacing the Video Editor app (which is still available). If you’ve already started using Clipchamp, and are eyeing its premium features, there are a couple of ways for you to do so without actually purchasing its full-blown paid plan. Here’s how you can get Clipchamp premium for free.

Clipchamp Plans

Prior to the acquisition and until a little later afterwards, Clipchamp offered four plans – Basic, Creator, Business, and Business Platinum which ranged from $0 to $ 27 per month. On top of that, the basic (free) version also prevented users from exporting in 1080p which was a huge bummer for casual editors.

Fortunately, thanks to extensive feedback, all that has been addressed. Not only have the plans been changed, but the free version also lets you save videos in 1080p. Currently, there are only two Clipchamp plans – Free and Essentials, and the latter goes for $11.99 per month. 

Apart from the watermark-free and 1080p exports (which are available for free users as well), the Essentials plan lets you use premium stock media, filters and effects, content backup, and a brand kit to manage logos and colors. 

The additional content in the paid plan may not be a deal-maker for everyone. But if you like Clipchamp’s offerings, there’s always something more for you to check out. 

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Microsoft 365 users can access Clipchamp’s premium filters

Being a new video editor for most Windows users, Clipchamp is yet to take over the world. Nevertheless, users who have jumped on the bandwagon may want to try out premium content as well. But not everyone may find the content offering enough for the $11.99 monthly price tag. 

That is where some of the other offerings and tie-ups come in. Microsoft has recently brought Clipchamp under the domain of the Microsoft 365 suite. Under this offering, Microsoft 365 subscribers can get access to certain premium features for free such as filters and effects. 

Clipchamp premium filters and effects list

Here is a list of the filters that you will get with a Microsoft 365 subscription:

  • Warm countryside
  • Pastel dreams
  • Winter sunset
  • Cool tone
  • Sunrise
  • Dreamscape
  • Soft B&W
  • Cool countryside

Additionally, you will also unlock five effects (or transitions):

  • Digital glitch
  • TV interference
  • Liquid swirl
  • Fire
  • Liquid drops

For Microsoft 365 subscribers, their premium package will be limited to these additional premium effects and filters. The premium images, audio, and video stock, logo, fonts, and colors in the Brand kit, and the ability to backup content will still remain behind the Essentials package paywall.

These premium Clipchamp effects and filters are the only difference between a free basic plan and a Microsoft 365 plan. But given how Microsoft’s plans at the time of acquiring Clipchamp were to bring it within the Microsoft 365 suite, it’s highly possible that we may get to see more features added and unlocked for those with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Chromebook users get Clipchamp premium for 2 months

Clipchamp is also in partnership with Chromebook to provide Chromebook users with premium features for free. This is a two-month offering that can be unlocked with a code. So, if you recently purchased a Chromebook, you’re in luck too. Refer to the following section to know how to unlock your 2-month extended free trial.

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How to get Clipchamp premium for free [2 ways]

As mentioned, there are two ways for you to get Clipchamp premium for free – via a Microsoft 365 subscription or a code for Chromebook users. Here’s how you can get Clipchamp premium for free.

Method 1: With Microsoft 365

To unlock the premium effects and stock media that are part of the Microsoft 365 package for Clipchamp, all you need to do is to log in with an account that has a Microsoft 365 subscription. 

Once you’re logged in, the premium package will be unlocked and the changes will be seen on the pricing plans page in Clipchamp.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription and are looking to upgrade, go to the Microsoft 365 website and purchase your subscription.

The Clipchamp premium offerings are mentioned in the subheading “Video editor with premium filters and effects”. Nothing else is mentioned about them prior to the purchase.

But the same can be corroborated from the Clipchamp upgrade page later. Once the subscription is activated, your Clipchamp premium package will be unlocked.

Method 2: With Chromeperks (for Chromebook users only)

Here is how Chromebook users can use a code to get their 2 month’s extended free Clipchamp trial:

Chromeperks | Clipchamp Code Link

  • Follow the link given above and click on Get perk under “Clipchamp”.
  • Create an account or log in to Clipchamp with an existing account.
  • Click on Upgrade.
  • Select the plan to try for free for 2 months.
  • Lastly, on the payment page, choose your payment method, apply the Chromeperk code given to you, and click on Continue.

Your 2 month’s extended free Clipchamp trial will now be activated.


Let’s take a look at a few commonly asked queries about Clipchamp and its free offerings.

Is Clipchamp free forever?

Clipchamp has always had a free plan that works for anyone with an account. Given that it has now become Windows’ default video editor app, it’s going to remain free if Microsoft wants people to use it as such. 

How do I export my 1080p Clipchamp for free?

Clipchamp already offers the ability to export your video at 1080p for free. Simply click on the “Export” button next to the preview window and select 1080p. 

This option wasn’t available only a few months back when Microsoft first started pushing Clipchamp. The change came about only after much user outcry and complaints and Microsoft had to acquiesce.

Is Clipchamp free with Microsoft 365?

Clipchamp has tons of free content that users can work with already. With Microsoft 365, they only get a few extra premium filters and effects unlocked for them. 

How do I remove a watermark from Clipchamp?

There are no watermarks in videos that are made with a free Clipchamp account. Exporting videos without a watermark used to be a premium feature. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. 

We hope you now know how to get Clipchamp premium for free. Microsoft 365 adds additional premium content to your free basic plan while Chromebook buyers can get a 2-month free trial using Chromeperks.


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