How to force restart Galaxy Note 10 when device is not responding

Galaxy Note 10 Plus force restart shutdown

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the company’s most ambitious phones. It’s built beautifully, packs incredible hardware, and is future proof to a respectable extent. The phone is probably the best piece of hardware your money can buy right now, and it’s expected to keep its crown at least for the next half a year.

Despite being an exceptional device, the Galaxy Note 10 is not without flaws. It can still freeze and stutter from time to time, leaving you with no choice other than performing a force restart. Thankfully, the process is quite straightforward and doesn’t take much of your time.

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How to force reboot the Galaxy Note 10

Step 1. Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. The power button the Note 10 and Note 10+ is also called the Side key. So, you have to press and hold the Side and Volume down button together here.

Step 2. Wait until the device screen turns off.

Step 3. If you’re unable to identify the state of the screen, keep holding until you feel a vibration.

That’s it!


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