How To Find Out Who Blocked You On Instagram

Who Blocked You On Instagram

Instagram is a great app to share your content with friends and followers. But have you suddenly noticed that your popular friend no longer posts any content? This could be because they have blocked you on the app. Now whether that was intentional or just a mistake, it is impossible to tell, but there is a way to find out if you are in fact blocked. Read on to find out how.

What happens when you block someone on Instagram?

Instagram has a setting that lets you block another account. You can even block a user that is not on your Followers list! This is helpful if you want to keep your profile private form the person, but do not want them to know that. This way you can add the person as a friend, but then block their account. A blocked account cannot view any updates from your account, be it posts or stories, or Reels.

When you block an account on Instagram, the user is not notified. However, the blocked account can no longer contact you in any way, be it comments, Stories, or DMs.

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Can you find out who blocked you on Instagram?

Well, as mentioned above, Instagram does not notify you when you get blocked. So technically you may never even find out that someone has blocked you unless you try to contact the person. Since you cannot see the person’s stories and posts once you have been blocked, you may feel like the person is simply not active anymore.

While you do not get any kind of notification, there are some ways to confirm that you have been blocked by someone. Read on to learn how.

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How to find out who blocked you on Instagram

Since Instagram doesn’t notify you when you get blocked, there is no way of knowing when it happened. This means you need to know the username of the person who you think has blocked you in order to confirm it. If you want to find out whether your account has been blocked and by who, here is what you can do.

1. Try searching for the username

When someone blocks you, you can no longer find their account on Instagram. However, this does not happen immediately. Sometimes you may still be able to find the account. To search for the account, go to the discover tab, and use the search bar to search for the person’s account. If the username you searched for does not show up any accounts, you may have been blocked.

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Go to their profile

If the person has a public profile, you may be able to reach it. However, when you do so you may be greeted by a message that says ‘No Posts Yet’. Check the Posts count of the account at the top. If this shows that there are posts, but you cannot see them, you can be sure that you have been blocked by this person.

Check your comments

When you get blocked by someone, you can no longer view each other’s likes and comments on the app. So if you know that the person had commented on a post of yours, go back to that post and search for their comment. If the comment is missing, it could indicate that you have been blocked.

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Check from another account

If you’re still not sure if you have been blocked or the person has simply deactivated their account, try using another account to search for the person. You can even ask a friend to search for the account from their device. If the profile appears on your friend’s account but not yours, you can be sure that you have been blocked.

Can you DM someone if you have been blocked?

Well, yes and no. Yes, you can technically send the person a DM. No, because they will not receive that DM. On your side, there is no way of knowing if the message has gone through. So you may simply think that they have not yet read the message. However, on their side, they will not receive the DM at all.

When you unblock a person, the previously sent DMs will come through though. However, stories that have exceeded their 24-hour life cycle will not be visible.

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Can you unblock yourself on Instagram?

No, there is no way to unblock yourself if you have been blocked by someone. That goes against the whole concept of blocking. The only way you can contact the person if you want to let them know that they have made a mistake is to use another app. Instagram will not let you interact at all with a person that has blocked you.

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