What Does FFF Mean On Instagram? How And Where to Use It?


Social media apps have their own language that is used within the app. To perfect an app, it is important you understand what different terms mean within that context. In this article, we will cover the acronym ‘FFF’ and what it means on Instagram.

What is FFF on Instagram?

FFF is an acronym that stands for ‘Follow for Follow‘. This acronym is quite popular in the social media scene. It indicates mutual following to grow your audience. Success on Instagram is measured by the number of followers you have. That is why gaining followers is such a struggle on the app.

FFF is a way to increase your following by following the other person back. It is a shared bond that promises that you will follow them only if they follow you. The term came into existence because a number of users would follow you and then wait for you to follow them before unfollowing you. This causes your Following to go up and your Follower count to go down.

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Where can you use FFF on Instagram?

FFF is used to communicate with another Instagrammer that you will follow them if they follow you. You can use the acronym in any way you would like, but you should make sure that it gets visibility.

1. On Instagram Story

Some people use the acronym to grow their following by simply posting Follow For Follow on their Instagram Story. This means that they will follow back anyone who follows them.

To add FFF to your story, launch the Instagram app, and tap the Story button in the top left corner.

Instagram also has a GIF for the acronym. To use a GIF in a story, tap the Stickers button in the top right, after clicking a photo. Now search for ‘Follow 4 Follow’.

2. In a DM

You can also use FFF in a DM to another Instagrammer requesting that they follow you. When used in a DM, you could simply say ‘FFF ?’ and hope that they respond positively. Unfortunately, there are no stickers or GIFs available to send as DMs to elaborate on the FFF acronym.

If you receive a DM requesting a FFF, you can simply reply with a yes or no. It is customary for the person requesting the FFF to follow first.

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How to do a FFF on Instagram?

Well, it’s quite easy really. A ‘Follow For Follow’ simply requires two people to follow each other. If you are requesting a FFF, wait till the person replies affirmatively, then follow them and wait for them to follow you back.

If you are being requested for a FFF, you can agree and wait for them to follow you, before following them back.

Is FFF binding?

No, come on, FFF is not a signed contract. This means the person can go back on their word at any time and unfollow you. This happens quite often in fact, so make sure you keep an eye on your followers.

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Now you know what FFF stands for and how to use it. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.