How To Check Who’s Online On Clubhouse

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few days, you might have definitely heard about Clubhouse, the new social app that lets you interact with others using only your voice. The app, currently available on an invite-only basis, is making discussions more fun to host and get involved in. 

To make the most of this social platform, you might want to know if your friends are online on Clubhouse at the same time as you are. That is why in this post, we’ll help you find who’s online on Clubhouse so that you don’t miss out on conversations that are important to you. 

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Who can you see as “Online” on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse only shows those people you follow mutually on the platform as online when they’re actually using the app themselves on their phones. This means, for people to be visible as “online”, you should follow them and they should follow you back in return. 

Clubhouse: How to check if someone is online

When you start using Clubhouse, you will be most greeted with the app’s home screen which by many is also referred to as the “lobby”, “hallway”, “feed”, or “all rooms screen”.

You can check who’s online on Clubhouse by tapping the dialpad-like icon at the bottom right corner right adjacent to the ‘Start a room’ button. If any of your mutual followers are online, this dialpad will have a green dot over it.

This should take you to a sidebar screen that displays people who are online among the ones you mutually follow on Clubhouse. You can also access this screen by swiping right-to-left from the Clubhouse main screen.

Only the people that are online will be shown under the ‘Available to Chat’ section. 

What can you do with those who are online?

Although Clubhouse doesn’t allow you to chat with others who are online like you would on other social media platforms, you can still interact with the friends who are currently online. As is established with everything else on the app, you can only interact with those who are online on Clubhouse using your voice. 

This is possible by using Clubhouse’s Closed room feature. When you get to the ‘Available to Chat’ screen on Clubhouse, tap on the person who’s online and you want to interact with.

This should bring up the person’s profile in a small popup window. To interact with them, tap on the ‘Start a closed room together’ option below their profile.

Inside this closed room, you can have a conversation with the selected person using your voice. 

Can you check if the people you follow are online?

To state the obvious, NO, you cannot identify people you follow as online since Clubhouse requires you to follow each other to show who of your friends as online. Although there’s no direct way of knowing if the people you follow on Clubhouse are online, you can still check when they will be online soon. 

How to know when people you follow are online

Clubhouse doesn’t let you see if the people you follow are online but you can still check when these people might come online by checking out the ‘Bulletin’ section inside the Clubhouse app. The Bulletin is where people list their upcoming conversations and schedule them in advance.

If you follow people who often host conversations on Clubhouse, their scheduled events will show up on the Bulletin. To get to this section, open the Clubhouse app on your phone and tap on the ‘Calendar’ icon at the top.

You can find whether there are upcoming conversations created by the people you follow inside the ‘Upcoming for you’ screen. Scroll through events in the calendar and select an event hosted by someone you follow to know the details of the event.

If a conversation is happening currently, tap on the ‘Join the room in progress’ to instantly join the room where the person you follow is hosting. 

If you wish to be notified about an upcoming event, tap on a scheduled event and then tap on the bell icon at the top right corner of the event details.

You can also set additional reminders for the upcoming events you wish to be a part of by tapping the “Add to Cal” option in the half-screen that pops up and then selecting where you wish to add the event. 

That’s all you can know about checking who’s online on Clubhouse. 


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