Clubhouse Account Suspended? What To Do

Clubhouse has slowly grown to be the modern-day Tiktok with all the buzz surrounding the app. The main reason for this seems to be the exclusivity around the platform which is only accepting users with invites from existing users. A recent slew of reports indicates that a lot of users are being banned from Clubhouse. Some due to community guideline violations and others totally randomly. So if you are in the same boat and have your account suspended, then here is what you can do to fix this issue!

What to do when the account is suspended?

A suspension can only be revoked by the Clubhouse support team after rigorous testing and verification of your online activity. The team will go through your recent Clubhouse history looking for any community guideline violations.

If none are found, then your account will be restored at the earliest. However, if you are found to violate the community guidelines then your account will not be restored. 

You can get in touch with the Clubhouse support team using the link below. 

► Clubhouse Support

When will the Clubhouse support team get back to me?

Clubhouse has seen an exponential rise in its users in the past few weeks and the app currently stands at around 8M downloads despite only being released for iOS. The company has a small team that is scaling to new heights to accommodate all new users.

As such, the support team has been backlogged for quite some time and there are notable delays when servicing support tickets from existing users.

According to reports, some users are having to wait a few weeks before getting a status report for their account suspension. In other cases, some have managed to get a reply back within a few days. Hence, it is recommended that you be patient and give the team a few weeks to get back to you. 

As such, you might be tempted to send in multiple support requests but that is not recommended as each one will be tied to your Clubhouse account. All multiple requests will need to be consolidated into a single support thread before being addressed by the team. This increases the workload by forcing the team to track down all your support tickets which can, in turn, delay the resolution to your current problems. 

Why my account got suspended?

Well, apart from community guideline violations, any users reporting you can also get your account suspended. If you did not violate any guidelines then your account was probably suspended based on user reports.

There is no way to find out who or when you were reported as these would in turn compromise the privacy of the reporter. However, most users will only report you in case of out-of-line behavior or violation of community/room guidelines in the first place. 

We hope this post helped shed some light on account suspensions within Clubhouse. If you have any more questions regarding the same, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 


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