How to Change Skins in Among Us

Thanks to the sudden love and support of enthusiastic streamers and an equally voracious audience, Among Us, a game that had been around for almost two years, is suddenly the talk of the town. A town populated by liars, psychopaths, murderers, and, well, imposters. No better method exists of exercising your power to deceive, misguide and misdirect than the dishonesty bootcamp that is repeated games of Among Us.

How appropriate that a game about alien shapeshifters comes with interchangeable skins.

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What are Skins in Among Us?

Among Us Skins

Skins are cosmetic items that equip your character with different outfits — because everybody wants to butcher and maim (or be butchered and maimed) in style, of course.

At the time of this writing there are 15 skins for players to choose from, ranging from the perfectly appropriate Astronaut skin to the somewhat out of place Miner skin to downright inexplicable Tarmac Skin.

Each one costs $1.99 but PC players who bought the game on steam get the first ten for free.

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How to Change Skins in Among Us

Among Us Laptop Highlight

To change Skins in Among us, players need to first get themselves into a game lobby. Once inside, head over to the laptop parked atop one of the storage boxes and open up the customizations menu.

Among Us Skins Menu Highlight

There you’ll find a Skin tab, which, if you’re fancier than we are, will be full of however many skins you’ve procured for yourself. All you have to do is then select the outfit you’d like to wear for your interstellar massacre and you’re good to go! It is indeed as simple as that!

How to Get the Jason Mask in Among Us

Among Us Jason mask

In order to get your hands on the fabled facewear of Jason Voorhees, who many imposters must admire the handiwork of, it’s important to know that for obvious legal reasons Innersloth chose to call it a ‘Hockey Mask’ — because everybody knows that Hockey and Halloween go hand in hand.

In order to don the most illustrious facemasks of psychopathic murders for your own homicidal rampage, all you need do is wait until the fateful holiday itself. All of the Halloween-themed accessories become available at the tick of midnight on October 31st. Gone is the exploit that players could use to trick the game into thinking that Halloween had come early, so you’ll have to wait along with everyone else.


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