How to Get the Crown in Among Us

Among Us

In gaming terms, Among Us might be a late bloomer but boy did it bloom. Two or so years ago, when the game was first released, Among Us seemed destined for the modest life of a mildly popular niche game, spending its days in service to a small but dedicated player base. And then this happened.

Huge Twitch streamers learned that as great a game Among Us is, it’s just as good if not better TV. Streamers started picking Among Us up, audiences got engaged in the high-stakes, friendship-chewing drama, and in just a couple of months, the game that seemed content to sit out its life in a quiet corner of the Steam store was propelled to earth-shattering stardom.

It also helps that Among Us is completely free on mobile, supported only by cosmetic purchases. Cosmetics like the Among Us crown that everyone seems to want. Why? Because it’s a crown, of course! It’s shiny, it’s pointy, it sits on your head, and it demonstrates to all your absolute, indisputable right to rule over all those lesser than you.

And what murderous, back-stabbing, shapeshifting psychopath doesn’t want that? But how do you get the crown in Among Us?


How to Get the Crown in Among Us

Unlike other crowns in history, obtaining the Crown in Among Us is pretty simple. No wars need be waged or claims to the throne fabricated by crafty court advisers. The crown in Among Us is just like any other cosmetic and can be purchased directly from the store as part of the 1M Downloads Bundle for $2.99 for mobile players. PC players get it free with their purchase of the game.

Below we’ll run you through how to get the Crown in Among Us on mobile.

Open up the Cash Shop

Among Us Menu Highlighted

To purchase the Crown in Among Us mobile, start by opening up the shop with a click on the dollar sign icon in the lower right hand of the main menu.

Find the Hats Section

Among Us Crown Hat Skin

Scroll all the way down until you find the Hats section of the Among Us cash shop. Click on your crown to display a preview. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Do I really, truly want this Among Us crown?” If every fiber of your being quivers in a resounding “Yes! Sweet baby Zeus I must have this Among Us crown!” you are left with no choice but to venture forth and purchase the crown. Alongside the Crown, you also receive seven other hats as part of the 1M Downloads Bundle, so rejoice!

Get Back to Murdering

Yes, it really is that simple. You just gotta fork over the three bucks necessary and voilah! The Crown and seven other hats will be available in the skins tab of the customization menu!

Now that you have your crown to be worn as a symbol of your iron-fisted might for all to see and shudder in impotent fear, return to what you love best! Backstabbing trusted crewmates or ejecting shapeshifting aliens before they can get the jump on you!

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