How Many Endings Are in Cold War & How to Get Them

COD Black Ops Cold War was recently released to the public and has managed to get decent reviews from critics and fans alike. The biggest driving factor for Cold War seems to be the inclusion of the much-awaited Zombie mode.

Like any other COD game, Cold War has a comprehensive campaign mode with a full-fledged storyline that has multiple endings. If you have reached the end of your campaign and would like to explore other endings for the game, then you have landed at the perfect webpage. Let’s take a look at all the endings offered in Cold War.

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How many endings are there in COD Black Ops Cold War?

There are in total two endings in Black Ops Cold War, one is a bad ending while the other one is a good ending.

A good ending is where the story ends in the favor of the player and the faction that you were rooting for, while bad endings end in a bad light and impact your storyline and faction negatively.

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There is also a sub bad ending for the main campaign of Black Ops Cold War. Let’s take a look at all the 3 endings.

Warning: If you have not completed your campaign yet, then we recommend doing so as the post beyond this point contains major spoilers. This could potentially spoil your campaign experience so we recommend reaching at least one ending on your own before reading any further.

The Setting

By the end, it will be revealed that your character Bill has been brainwashed and has no idea which faction you should be rooting for. As such, you will need to make your choice once you come to your senses.

Adler will ask you about Perseus’s location and you will have the choice of answering correctly or lying to Adler. The choice you make at this point will dictate the ending you get for your final mission of the campaign

Ending 1 – Tell the truth

Telling the truth will allow your character to prevent nuclear war and result in a good ending of the game.

Once you chose to tell the truth, Adler and his men will accompany you to Solovetsky where you will disarm the anti-aircraft canons allowing your side to bomb the base and prevent a cold war. Sadly, Perseus will not be at this location and will escape unharmed.

And that’s it! You will now be able to view the end cutscenes where you will be first shown the US presidential response which will disclose that Perseus might have been disobeying his orders from Moscow.

But wait, there is another final cutscene which you will not see coming. Adler will take you to a remote cliff and thank you for your sacrifices.

Sadly the conversation will grow grim as it goes on and by the end of it, both of you will end up pointing your guns at each other.

Naturally, this does not end well for Bill or Adler as the cutscene will fade to black with the sounds of gunshots in the background.

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Ending 2 – Lie to Adler & Ambush the team

Note: This ending requires you to unlock the secret door at Hudson’s Safe House. If you do not complete this side puzzle then you will automatically be defaulted to Ending 3. 

The second ending will come to light if you decide to lie to Adler. Lying to Adler will give him a fake location at Duga instead of Solovetsky which will lead the US forces to a dead end.

Thankfully Adler will believe you and start preparing for an attack on Duga. This is when you can roam around the base and interact with events.

This is where the story gets fun, you should be able to locate a radio in the base that allows you to contact Perseus at Duga. Contacting Perseus will inform him about the impending attack and help him prepare for the ambush.

Sadly,  you can only unlock the ability to communicate with Perseus if you have completed the puzzle at Hudson’s safehouse early on in the game. Completing the puzzle will give you access to a secret gate beyond which you will find the concerned radio transmitter.

Once you have communicated with Perseus, you will accompany Adler on the mission to Duga. Once you reach the base, the team will find it empty and blame Bill.

This is when you will get the chance to reply to Adler with 3 options. Choose the one titled ‘[Signal Ambush]’. This will call in Perseus’s forces and ambush Adler and his men.

The Ambush will go according to plan and wipe out half of Adler’s team. The rest will retreat into the base complex and you will now have to kill off Woods, Mason, and Lazar. Once you have killed them all, you will make your way into the complex.

After a cutscene and few expositional dialogs by Perseus, you will end up in the main hall where Adler will be wounded and resting on the floor. He will ask you for a lighter which you will have to oblige to.

But doing so will cause Adler to try and kill you one last time. This will be a quick time event and completing it will result in Adler’s death.

After this, Perseus (so-called) will radio in the commands to launch the nukes from Solovetsky and give you the chance to relay the final detonation command.

Once you do so, all the nukes will be launched, making the Soviet Union the biggest superpower in the world.

And that’s it! This is the second ending of Black Ops Cold War where the United States loses. You will get a bunch of cutscenes showing you the steps taken by the United States administration to hide their tracks and involvement with the green light project. Additionally, Hudson’s base will also be burned down to cover their tracks.

Ending 3: Lie to Adler but don’t ambush the team

This is the third and final ending or the sub ending for the second bad ending. You can get this ending by lying to Adler when you come to your senses about Perseus’s location.

This will take you to Duga along with Adler’s forces where they will blame you for bringing them to a dead-end chase. You will then be given the option to respond to Adler by explaining your decision.

This ending is the default second ending if you fail to unlock the secret gate using the side puzzle at Hudson’s safe house. Failing to do so will prevent you from setting up an ambush in the first place.

However, this does not mean that you can not unlock this ending by setting up the ambush in the first place. After you have called into Perseus and set up the ambush, you can choose to tell Adler’s team the truth upon reaching the location in Duga. This will allow you to get this alternate second ending as well.

Once you tell the truth to Adler, you will have a few pieces of conversation with him before the team gives up on you and decides to kill you.

Adler will do the job himself and kill Bill as the scene fades to black. You will still be able to hear the team’s conversation in the background but this will be the end of your campaign.

These are all the final endings currently available in the campaign mode for Black Ops Cold War.

Which ending did you choose? Feel free to share your thoughts or ask additional questions in the comments section below.


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