Great Mobile Gaming accessories that you never heard about but definitely need

So you have been an avid gamer on Android, you might be familiar with mobile controllers that help you play games with extreme prowess, but what about other accessories? Have you heard about screen magnifiers, AR gaming accessories? Let’s talk!

If no, then you have landed on the perfect web page! We have compiled a list of some of the offbeat gaming accessories that are currently available on the market for Android. Let’s get started.

Blue Light Filter Screen Guard

Blue light is one of the most notorious spectrums of light that has been known to cause degeneration of retina cells. Blue light penetrates your eye’s pupil easily and is able to make a direct path to your light-sensitive retina cells.

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This can be harmful in the long run and can even affect your eyesight. And the main source of blue light in today’s world is digital screens. Your mobile screen, tablet screen, TV screen and more, all emit blue light that can be extremely harmful to your eyes in the long run.

Take care of this problem by simply using a Blue Light filter screen guard for your phone. Although most phones today come with the in-built feature to make the overall display color warmer according to your preferences, there is still blue light being emitted by your phone.

Standout features:

  1. Reduced eye fatigue
  2. Budget pricing
  3. HD clarity

You can filter out this light using such screen guards. They are cheap and readily available for most smartphones and we have included the top picks below.

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Ultra HD Screen Magnifier Without Speaker ($16)

Mobile screens can often end up feeling smaller in terms of their size despite their extreme portability. And with most flagship phones in today’s market sporting 8GB of RAM, you might think that it would be easier to mirror your screen to a larger display, but that is simply not the case. Wondering why?

That’s because most TVs and external displays that allow casting/mirroring right of the box feature inferior processing power that can cause lag and increase latency during such connections. This can significantly affect your gaming performance and often make the whole setup unusable despite having a powerful flagship device.

Thankfully we have the Screen magnifier made by Cheges. This nifty foldable piece of passive technology features an Ultra HD Acrylic Screen Magnifier that enlarges your phone’s screen up to 12” without the need for any wireless connection.

It has a wooden board that is extremely lightweight and portable while ensuring maximum durability that can withstand all kinds of abuse thrown its way. It is the perfect piece of technology that will help your game on a larger display without the need for an expensive external monitor and a powerful smartphone.

One thing to note here would be that if you plan on gaming for long hours then you might want to put a few books under the magnifier to achieve a better viewing angle and avoid strain on your cervical muscles.

Standout features:

  1. Portable design
  2. Wooden construction
  3. Lightweight
  4. No external power required
  5. Lens protecting design
  6. Ultra-clear HD magnifying lens

Buy: Ultra HD Screen Magnifier Without Speaker ($16)

Screen Magnifier With Bluetooth Speaker ($19)

So how can the Screen Magnifier wow us again? Well by including a Bluetooth speaker, that’s how! The Screen Magnifier by Junrbx is an upgraded version of your traditional wooden magnifier that comes bundled along with its own Bluetooth speaker that produces a total output of 3W. It has a Fresnel Alec HD lens that helps maintain clarity while magnifying your screen up to 9”.

Additionally, the Alec HD lens has a blue light blocker that helps reduce eye fatigue during long hours of gaming. The magnifier has a rechargeable battery of 18,650 mAh that helps power the Bluetooth speaker for a stereo surround experience.

Additionally, if you have run out of charge you can plug your screen magnifier into the wall to deliver power to the speaker. This is the perfect accessory for on the go gaming if you are annoyed by wearing headphones for a long period of time.

Standout features:

  1. 6W Bluetooth speaker
  2. 18,650 mAh built-in rechargeable battery
  3. Screen magnification up to 9”
  4. Screen protector
  5. Onboard controls
  6. Blue light blocker
  7. Fresnel optical Alec HD lens
  8. Can be used as a photo frame when not in use

Buy: Screen Magnifier With Bluetooth Speaker ($19)

Topvision Mini Projector for Mobile ($89)

This nifty premium offering from Topvision allows you to turn your mobile gaming escapade into a theatre-like experience. It has a maximum resolution of 1080p and can project a screen size of up to 176”. The projector features an LED lamp that has a life of 50,000 hours and the ability to project images in a 16:10 aspect ratio.

The projector also has an impressive contrast ratio of 2000:1 that helps it display clear and crisp images even in a brightly lit room. It has a recommended viewing distance of 3m and comes with an adjustable focus ring as well as keystone correction. So if you have been looking for a way to game on the big screen, then the Topvision projector is an excellent choice for you.

Standout features:

  1. Supports direct USB connection (no HDMI adapter needed)
  2. 2800lux LED projector lamp
  3. 50,000 hours battery life
  4. 2000:1 contrast ratio
  5. 3m viewing distance
  6. Supports screen size up to 176”
  7. Adjustable keystone value
  8. Dedicated focus ring
  9. Tempered glass front
  10. 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Buy: Topvision Mini Projector For Mobile ($89)

Planar Helium External Monitor ($189)

Well, maybe screen magnifiers are too gimmicky for you and the projected image is just not your kind of experience. We have something for you too! Meet the Lepow Z1 Pro, an external monitor with USB-C connectivity and Full HD resolution.

This nifty piece of technology comes in a slim and sleek portable design while sporting a 1920 x 1080 full HD IPS panel. It has a size of 15.6” and has excellent viewing angles of up to 178o. It uses an LSO 3.0.1 system to reduce latency and provide a smooth and lag-free viewing experience. This ensures that you can have a responsive gaming experience no matter where you are.

The Lepow Z1 Pro supports both landscape and portrait orientation which makes it an excellent productivity companion as well. It comes with an in-built Flexi stand that helps you achieve a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are without the need for additional accessories.

What sets the Lepow Z1 Pro apart from its competition is the dual in-built speakers that produce a stereo surround sound which eliminates the need for headphones. Furthermore, the display has an HD protective film that helps prevent scratches while blocking harmful blue light to help reduce eye fatigue during long hours of gaming.

Standout features:

  1. Extremely portable
  2. Lightweight construction: 1.70lbs
  3. Blue light blocking film
  4. In-built stand and protective cover
  5. Support for landscape & portrait mode
  6. Compatible with all USB-C smartphones
  7. Aluminum frame
  8. LSO 3.0.1 system
  9. 178o viewing angles
  10. 15.6” FHD IPS panel

Buy: Planar Helium External Monitor ($189)

AR Laser Tag ($99)

Are you fed up with modern-day games that require you to constantly stare at your screen? Have you been looking for something more engaging that you can actively play with your friends without losing the thrill of FPS shooters?

Then meet the Vivid Recoil AR started kit. This budget gaming accessory brings the thrill of arcade-style Laser Tag right to your smartphone. Simply pair the accessory with your smartphone, put on the IR tags and fire away with your friends! It’s that simple. Unlike Laser Tag, the recoil starter kit is feature-packed and can turn your home into a simulated battlefield.

You have the ability to call in airstrikes, collect airdrops and even play capture the flag. The set includes two RK-45 Spitfire Recoil weapons and a wifi game hub that supports up to 16 players at a time.

It has various game modes including the likes of deathmatch, skirmish, capture the flag and much more which ensures that you never run out of options in the future. Additionally, the set has the ability to produce 3-D positional audio which allows you to experience the tension on the battlefield first hand.

Standout features:

  1. Multiple game modes
  2. Supports up to 16 players
  3. Two RK-45 spitfire guns & Wifi game hub included
  4. 3-D positional audio
  5. Compatible with all AR compatible smartphones
  6. Airstrikes & supply drops
  7. Budget pricing

Buy: AR Laser Tag ($99)

Google Stand With Landscape Charging ($79)

Have you been running out of charge on your phone in the middle of gaming sessions? Do wired chargers and power banks feel clunky and spoil your gaming experience? Then you should take a look at the Google Stand.

The Google stand is a feature-packed charging station that has support for wireless charging and Bluetooth speakers built into it. This eliminates the need for any wired connections and allows you to have a completely wireless gaming experience (with the use of a controller).

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The stand uses a standard USB-C power supply to charge up your phone as well as wire up its speakers. It is made from premium building materials and features a Silicone and polycarbonate construction.

This helps protect your smartphone from scratches while ensuring optimum grip and resistance. The biggest wow factor of the Google stand is that it supports landscape orientation. This allows you to simply prop up your phone on the Google stand, connect your wireless gamepad and enjoy endless hours of gaming.

In terms of audio, the stand is fitted with dual front-firing speakers that have been custom-tuned by Waves Audio. This allows you to enjoy stereo surround sound with crystal clear highs and mids alongside punchy vibrating bass.

If you have been on the hunt for a charging solution for your phone, then the Google Stand should already be in your shopping cart.

Standout features:

  1. Lightweight & extremely portable
  2. Support for portrait & landscape charging
  3. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices
  4. Dual custom-tuned front-firing speakers
  5. USB-C connectivity
  6. Fast charge compatible (only Pixel devices)

Buy: Google Stand With Landscape Charging ($79)

UGreen 3M Long Charging Cable ($8)

In case you don’t wish to spend premium pricing on a charging station, you can opt for a 3m long charging cable from the house of UGreen. It will give you a lot of freedom to move around when compared to the traditional 1.2m long cables which will translate into a better gaming experience.

The charging cable is available in both USB-C and Micro-USB outlets which makes it compatible with almost every smartphone that is currently available on the market today.

The braided design helps provide durability and protection against sudden jerks and pulls which would otherwise mean the death of traditional Type-C cables. It has an angled connector which enables easy connectivity and wire management during long gaming sessions.

The UGreen charging cable has support for fast charging and even comes with a built-in 56k Ohm resistor that helps protect your device against sudden power surges. Moreover, it has a tested life of 3,000+ bends which ensures that the UGreen charging cable will be a long-lasting companion for your smartphone for years to come.

Standout features:

  1. 90o angled connector
  2. 3m length
  3. Available in both: USB-C & micro USB
  4. Braided design for added durability
  5. Cheap price
  6. USB 3.1
  7. Aluminum outer shell
  8. Built-In 56K ohm resistor
  9. 3000+ bends life

Buy: UGreen 3M Long Charging Cable ($8)

Oculus Go ($178)

How could we not let the Oculus Go in this list? This proven beast of a VR accessory is already world-famous for its exceptional performance at an attractive price point. The Oculus Go offers a premium VR experience with unmatched FOV thanks to its proprietary lenses.

It is available in two configurations: 32GB & 64GB and can be bought as a standalone accessory as well. It has native support for over 1000+ VR apps and games which translates into hassle-free media consumption and gaming experience.

It is made from durable polycarbonate materials and upholstered fabric to find the perfect balance between durability and comfort. Best of all, the Oculus Go does not require any additional drivers or software and is ready to go right out of the box.

The VR headset is paired with an ergonomic controller that works wirelessly and makes navigating through menus and controlling your display a breeze.

Additionally, the Oculus Go also features spatial audio drivers that provide you with stereo surround sound and eliminate the need for any additional audio accessory. On the other hand, if you own a premium pair of headphones and would like to use them then the Oculus Go can easily incorporate that thanks to its in-built 3.5mm jack.

Standout features:

  1. Premium build quality
  2. Crystal clear optics
  3. Unmatched FOV
  4. Portable & lightweight design
  5. Bundled with ergonomic wireless controller
  6. Immersive surround sound audio
  7. In-built 3.5mm headphone jack
  8. Prescription range support: SPH 0 to -8.0 & CTL: 0 to -2.0

Buy: Oculus Go ($178)

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand ($7)

Looking for something to just rest your phone on something and straight away get to gaming? Then try the Lamicall Cell phone stand. This budget offering is made from a premium quality aluminum alloy that ensures exceptional durability for years to come.

It is compatible with all smartphones that are currently available on the market and features dedicated slots that allow for easy wire management of your charging cable.

Moreover, the stand features rubber coating to ensure maximum grip and protection for your phone. It is angled at 45o which helps provide you with an excellent viewing angle for desks and tables.

The stand also supports landscape mode which allows you to enjoy your favorite game while charging your phone. All in all, the Lamicall Cell Phone Stand is an excellent budget accessory to charge and hold your phone at a great viewing angle simultaneously.

Standout features:

  1. Aluminum alloy construction
  2. Beveled circular opening to protect the wire
  3. Rubberized cradle to prevent scratches
  4. Tilted at 45o
  5. Dedicated opening for charging cable
  6. Rubberized bottom for excellent grip
  7. Available in 5 different Colours: black, white, red, grey & rose gold

Buy: Lamicall Cell Phone Stand ($7)

Cell Phone Stand With Adjustable Height ($15)

If you are not a fan of static cell phone stands and are looking for something modular and more adjustable, then the Saiji Cell Phone Stand should be right up your alley. This premium stand comes with adjustable height that can be raised according to your preference.

This will help prevent strain on your cervical muscles and allow for a more comfortable gaming experience. It also comes with an adjustable phone/tablet holder that can tilt up to 45o. The stand has been tested for a life of up to 20,000 adjustments which will ensure a durable lifespan for your unit.

Made from aluminum alloy, the Saiji Cell Phone stand features silicone pads in the phone grip that help prevent scratches on your phone. All in all, this is a great solution for tall people that struggle with cervical issues that have to bend down for the perfect viewing angle on normal cell phone stands.

Standout features:

  1. Sturdy aluminum alloy construction
  2. Soft silicone anti-scratch pads
  3. Compatible with all smartphones & tablets
  4. Adjustable height up to 6.8”
  5. 20,000+ adjustments lifespan
  6. Rubberized bottom plate
  7. Support for landscape & portrait orientation

Buy: Cell Phone Stand With Adjustable Height ($15)

RAVPower USB C Fast Charger ($27)

Looking for a fast charging solution? Meet the RAVPower USB C Fast Charger. This is a 61W wall charger that uses PD protocol to fast charge your devices. The charger has an onboard chip that regulates the power supply to your device depending on its capacity and compatibility.

The RAVPower fast charger comes with foldable pins and a highly efficient PI chipset to regulate power and prevent any damage to your electronics. It also has an LED indicator that helps you monitor the charging status of your device. This charger can also be used for laptops that support the PD charging protocol for fast charging.

Standout features:

  1. Foldable pins
  2. Up to 61W output
  3. Compatible with all USB C smartphones
  4. Proprietary GaN technology & PI chipset
  5. Onboard LED indicator
  6. Compatible with laptops as well

Buy: RAVPower USB C Fast Charger ($27)

FlyDigi Cooling Fan ($20)

Our last choice is a cooling solution for your smartphone because let’s face it, not every smartphone on the market has an excellent thermal performance. Most smartphones tend to throttle after one or two hours of continuous gaming which can drop frame rates drastically.

This drop in performance can mean the difference between victory and defeat. To solve this problem, we have the Flydigi Wasp Wing Cooling fan that comes with 3 levels of cooling and can reach up to 4.9 cfm.

This small and compact accessory does not add bulk to your smartphone and comes with an inbuilt light to help accentuate the overall look of your setup. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that has a total capacity of 700 mAh.

Moreover, the cooling fan is virtually silent which enables you to answer important calls while gaming without having to remove the Flydigi Wasp Wing from your smartphone. It is compatible with all smartphones that have a width of more than 62mm and uses suction to adhere to the back of your phone.

So if you struggle with regular throttling of your smartphone, then the Flydigi Wasp Wing can help you overcome that problem with ease.

Standout features:

  1. Compact lightweight design
  2. Premium construction
  3. 3 different levels of cooling
  4. In-built lighting
  5. 700 mAh rechargeable battery
  6. Virtually silent performance

Buy: FlyDigi Cooling Fan ($20)

So, what accessories do you plan to buy? If we missed out on something cool in this regard, so give us a shout, thanks!

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