Best free Android FPS games to shoot your way out of Monday Blues!

Some days you just want to pick up your shotgun and shoot anything that moves. Those days are called Mondays. (Ughh!!!, we know.)

It all starts early when the only thing you want to do is press that snooze button, but, we all are time and duty bound – we push ourselves upon this world. We kick, push and pull our way through crowded buses and trains only to reach office late by 5 minutes. We juggle timelines and deadlines, wants and needs and we are always doing what our bosses, wives or even our children tell us to do. At the end of the day, the only thing you can think of is Tuesday – same shit different day. Now I know why crime is on the rise – it’s not because of those sketchy video games but those pesky Monday Blues!

Before we all start feeling the doom and the gloom, don’t fret – we have a perfect solution for blowing those blues away – it’s cheaper than the thousands and thousands of rupees you would spend on a shrink and much more entertaining.  

And the solution is…

Wait for it….

First Person Shooter(FPS) games!

Yes!  Games!

I repeat, Games!

No, no, not the ones which require massive computers or consoles and have a copious amount of load time but rather the ones that you can play on your android phone. 

There, you see.

The solution to blowing away those blues is just a click away tucked in your pocket!

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To help you say goodbye to those Monday blues, we’ve listed the best First Person Shooter (FPS) Android games for you.

Umm..Before we dive into the “game zone”, it’s important that we tell you about our selection criteria.

Selection Criteria:

  • All games are First Person Shooters. We have no intention of wasting your time with other games.
  • Great gameplay & mechanics
  • Some sort of Single Player Mode

Best FPS games

Dead Trigger 2

Zombies have taken over the world. 

No, really! They have. They are everywhere.

This is not a joke, just look around and you will find zombies everywhere. Your mobile, computer, gaming console, television, movies and even in books!

They have infected us all and we all are zombies to the zombie sub-cultural.

So get ready to have a few Zombie games in the list.

Let’s kick off with Dead Trigger 2.

Fun, fast paced and easy mechanics makes this game a must-have for all who just want to vent out all the frustrations without putting the effort. 

You start off as a survivor in an abandoned city. You meet new people, kill a few zombies, build and fortify your hideout and before you know it, you are a part of the resistance, who are tasked with the difficult job of freeing cities from all the zombie outbreak across the globe including Africa, China, Europe & South America.

Dead Trigger 2 overcomes the shortcomings of Dead Trigger 1 by bringing in tons of new content and locations.

Killing a zombie never felt so good. Ah!

→ Download Dead Trigger Android game


Unkilled is an another zombie game brought to you by the same studio behind Dead Trigger 2. Unkilled shares similar traits as Dead Trigger 2 – fun, fast-paced and hard to put down, once you get going.

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However, unlike Dead Trigger 2, you are not a survivor, but this time you are a part of a special ops team who are tasked with the difficult job of bringing an end to the Zombie apocalypse.

Moreover, despite sharing the gameplay and mechanics style with Dead Trigger 2 – it differs in one big way – the story. For starters, it has a story! As you progress through the game, you realize someone is responsible for the Zombie apocalypse – who is it and what are their sinister motives – well, find out now by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

→ Download Unkilled Android game

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Movie tie-ins are usually an after thought and gimmicky by nature. Suicide Squad – Special Ops is an exception. It is a well realized First Person Shooter, where you get to play as either Dead Shot, El Diablo or everyone’s favorite Harley Quinn.

It employs similar mechanics like Dead Trigger 2 or Unkilled. It’s fast paced and has a touch of difficulty with various enemy types. Also, auto shooting is fun and crisp. 

In a nutshell, Suicide Squad: Special Ops is a well built game, which is simple with a negligible learning curve. Moreover, it is super fun and surprisingly 100% free and nothing beats throwing flames from your hand or crushing skulls with a baseball bat (what fun). 

Angry at someone? Just play this game!

→ Download  Suicide Squad: Special Ops Android game

Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow uses the classic old school approach to FPS fun. It’s simple but not easy.

You need to have some skills if you want to win this over – after all, you are up against a Rogue AI on a remote space station far far away in the galaxy. The graphic, perhaps, are the best in the lot and gameplay is smooth, but the control mechanics are designed for the skilled players.

If you got hooked on to mobile gaming recently, you would want to polish your skills in Unkilled and Dead Trigger 2 before you graduate to this one. Good luck!

→ Download Neon Shadow Android game

Legacy of Dead Empire

Let’s change gears, Legacy of Dead Empire, perhaps, is the only game which features horror elements but don’t get me wrong, it’s still an out and out first person shooter game.

Legacy Of Dead Empire is a mix of Wolfenstein and Silent Hill. It has it all – secret bunkers, experiments gone wrong and of course Nazi-esque military organization who have done you wrong.

Legacy Of Dead Empire will scare you enough to make you forget you ever had the blues in the first place. It plays well and is highly atmospheric. It uses comic book style cut-scenes to further the story and the music makes the environment spookier. The gameplay is smooth and control mechanics are designed for a seasoned gamer. Newbies might struggle but nothing a little practice can’t solve. 

→ Download Legacy of Dead Empire Android game

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is like Legacy Of Dead Empire but in space. We have a gigantic spaceship, secret experiments and everyone is out to kill you – from government soldiers to the undead. This is the perfect recipe for one entertaining First person shooter -it’s fun, simple and intuitive.

Unlike Neon Shadow and Legacy Of Dead Empire, Dead Effect 2 is designed for gamers of all kind. Its gameplay is butter smooth and control mechanics require little or no time to learn. The game also looks fantastic and perhaps has the best graphic design. The game combine RPG elements and yet remains original to its primary function of delivering all out entertainment. A sure shot to wipe out your blues.

→ Download Dead Effect 2 Android game

Exiles Zero

The only reason I put Exiles on the list is, because, perhaps, it is one of the most visually stunning games in the android universe. Technically, the game is an over the shoulder Third Person Shooter but the game allows you to convert that into First Person by pressing the camera button on the top left corner.

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As the name suggests, humans are scattered in the furthest parts of the universe – in colonies far far away, and there is a constant struggle for resources. Throw in a corrupt government, Aliens and a lethal virus we have one entertaining game on our hands.

Without divulging any deeper, the game will ensure you receive some healthy dose of twists and turns throughout your experience. It reminds me of Red Faction with a hint of Mass effect thrown in it. The game boasts of huge open world, Mechs, Hover-bikes and a day and night system.

The game is highly engrossing and game-play is fun. The control mechanics, on the other hand, can sometimes be too much at times – it might put off a few causal gamers, as it, perhaps, has the largest learning curve but once you get going it will feel like you are living a different virtual life – far more entertaining to even think about your blues.

→ Download Exiles Zero Android game

So, what’s your favorite way to kill those blues? Which games make Mondays more bearable? Get commenting and let’s spread the word: Games can cure the Blues!


  1. Big biig fan of dead trigger and dead trigger 2. I never believed I could get that involved on a phone game. Will be sure to check out the rest of the games. Thank you!

  2. Big biig fan of dead trigger and dead trigger 2. I never believed I could get that involved on a phone game. Will be sure to check out the rest of the games. Thank you!

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