Best Screen Amplifiers for Your Android Phone

screen amplifier

Want to go big with small? Wait, what! It’s definitely not about financial investment. It’s about getting a magnified view from the smaller display of your mobile. Yes, we can get a 2-4 times bigger display with the help of phone screen amplifiers which helps you to have maximum experience of watching movies and playing games on the go.

Plenty of mobile screen amplifiers are available at Amazon. Some are a good fit for use from the couch, some are better for office purposes and some are the best during camping and day outs. We are going to give an outlook of top products available on Amazon for any of the purposes mentioned above. Let’s get started.

12” 3D HD Phone Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speaker


  1. Anti-blue light bezel-less display
  2. Bluetooth Speakers
  3. Can be powered by a battery
  4. Extra navigational buttons
  5. Phone holder


  1. Build quality is not up to the mark
  2. Speaker increases the overall size
  3. Lacks the efficiency of a power bank

A top-rated 5-in-1 HD phone screen magnifier with Bluetooth speakers available for just $20. Also, it comes with an Anti-blue light magnifier lens which gives a warm look to the videos and the radiations don’t affect our eyes when the lights are off completely. Bluetooth speakers with stereo effects help you to enjoy watching your favorite movies with friends and family. Navigational buttons on the speakers let you forward the movie scenes without touching the mobile.

Buy: $20.39 at Amazon

12” Curved Projector 3D Phone Screen Amplifier


  1. Curved display with Anti-blue light tech
  2. Adjustable Amplifier screen
  3. Mobile adsorption with Anti-slip groove
  4. Portable and easy to carry


  1. Lightweight and curved display prone to damage
  2. Adjustable glass may become loose in the long run
  3. No additional buttons

This one from Amazon comes with 12″ curved adjustable display which is an advantage for the users. You don’t need to change your sitting posture instead you can change the angle of the magnifier glass to get the best view. You can enjoy mobile games and videos with theatre like feel. The entire setup is simple and easy and doesn’t require any battery power. However, it lacks any additional buttons which can come handy while watching a movie.

Buy: $15.88 at Amazon

12″ Video Amplifier for Mobile Phones + video remote controller


  1. Beautiful sliding design and foldable
  2. Remote control
  3. Portable and Lightweight design
  4. Lifetime warranty & 18 months money-back guarantee
  5. 24/7 Tech support


  1. Cheap build quality
  2. Magnifier glass is too slim and fragile
  3. Remote control with very limited functions
  4. Neither the mobile nor the magnifier lens is adjustable

This 12″ video amplifier with remote control is a perfect gift for friends and family. With HD Acrylic Fresnel Lens material, the picture quality is very clear and provides 3D effects as well. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty & 18 months money-back guarantee. The sliding design gives protects the magnifier glass from damage during traveling.

Buy: $16.99 at Amazon

Cheges 12″ 3D Ultra HD Screen Amplifier with Foldable Stand


  1. Beautiful wooden design
  2. Easy to carry
  3. The anti-blue light high-quality Acrylic superlens


  1. No phone holder
  2. Both the lens and mobile not adjustable

Cheges ultra HD screen amplifier gives crystal clear display with nice viewing angles. Bezel-less lens and wooden finish give a premium look to the entire product. Very simple and easy to use instruction manual is included in the box. Since it doesn’t have a phone holder, you will be able to use this only on a plain surface otherwise it is not going to hold your phone.

Buy: $14.88 at Amazon

Curved 12″ Phone Screen Magnifier & Phone Holder Stand


  1. 12″ Curved display
  2. Adjustable phone holder
  3. Anti UV and radiation protection


  1. Curved design prone to damage
  2. The phone holder is not fixed

This 12″ curved phone screen magnifier with phone holder is a good deal when it comes to the comfortable viewing angle. With the additional phone holder, you need not worry about sitting at a plain surface or changing your body posture in order to watch and enjoy movies. This design comes with an anti-blue light lens which gives you a pleasant feel for your eyes even after using it for a long time.

Buy: $15.69 at Amazon

12″ Lazy Phone Bracket – HD Phone Screen Amplifier


  1. Long stand
  2. 360-degree adjustable bracket
  3. Easy to fix
  4. Simple and stylish
  5. Phone holder


  1. Not portable
  2. No additional buttons
  3. The lens is barely attached and prone to easy damages

This 12″ phone screen amplifier with a lazy phone bracket is an amazing and must-have accessory for people who use mobile phones a lot. Be it office, home or any outing spot, you can fix this easily and with a 360-degree adjustable bracket, you can have the best viewing angle possible. There are 3 styles available i.e., Phone bracket with Sucker, with Splint, with Long stand.

Buy: $17.99 at Amazon

So, which one is your favorite scree expander accessory?

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