Google WiFi Deal: Get a pack of 3 for $270 at Amazon

If you have been planning to buy a Google WiFi, then this could be the best time. Amazon is offering the device at a discounted price. However, the discount will apply when you purchase a pack of 3 Google WiFi.

The Google Wi-Fi (3 pack) is available for purchase at $270.  On the other hand, a single Google WiFi is on sale for $114 which is $15 off the regular price.

The Google Wi-Fi is a router replacement for your home which provides seamless Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. A single Wi-Fi point covers up to 1,500 sq.ft while the 3 pack covers up to 4,500 sq.ft.

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The Google Wifi features Network Assist technology that keeps your connection fast by always selecting the clearest channel and fastest band for your devices. The device’s app also gives you a complete control over your network. You can see the connected devices, prioritize them, change password all through the app.

Via: Droid Life / Source: Amazon

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  1. I replaced our AirPort Extremes last Christmas after hearing that Apple ended development. Purchased the Google WiFi and extremely happy with the purchase.

    One thing is Google is going after an extremely secure solution. So it has a hardware token that is locked to the boot image and locked to the running image. It is going to be far more secure than the other Mesh solutions and something to consider.

    Google also has a team called Zero Day that finds many of the security problems and found things like the Broadcom flaw and why I replaced our AirPort hardware as it has this SoC and no patches since late 2016 with 7.7.8.

    Google Mesh gives you your cake and eat it too. I have a huge family as in 8 kids and our house is the house to play. So use to segment our network so the kids gaming would be segmented off. But this broke some things that wanted a flat network like Chromecast and others.

    What mesh does it is basically segments your network and also has it flat at the same time. But it handles dynamically the segmenting using intelligence versus me doing it with static routes.

    I do use wired backhaul but the results are truly mind blowing. We have Homeruns for TV streaming and with the kids full out gaming it is unbelievable that the TV never buffers. What is weird is the throughput is even better than when I statically segmented. But now I also get things that need a flat network that also work.

    You can think of Mesh as handling much of what a strong network admin would to to optimize your home network but the brain is in the Google Mesh.

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