Google updates Flights with machine learning support, Google Trips gets Discounts section

google flights

Google has released new updates for its Flights and Trips apps on the Play Store. If you’re a frequent traveler and use these apps a lot, then you’ll find that these apps are getting better. The latest update brings some new features to these apps.

Firstly, with the Google Flights search service, you can now take advantage of the company’s advanced machine learning technology. The app uses machine learning to provide better results for hotel prices and suggest you book them when they’re the lowest and the best.

Google updates Gboard app with new features

Previously, this feature was only available for booking flight tickets. Now, you can get price suggestions on hotel reservations as well. You will be notified when the price is higher than normal and can also opt-in for email alerts. According to Google, this will come in handy when you’re traveling to San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Second, the Google Trips app is getting a new section called ‘Discounts’. This section will show you discounted ticket prices for attractions, tours, activities, and more. For example, if you have a trip planned to a certain city, this section will show you this new section.

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