Google to bring back the ability to silently change ringer volume in Android Pie

Sometimes you don’t realize a feature is actually a “feature” until it’s no longer there. In Android Oreo and below, the volume rockers changed ringer volume by default unless you were actively playing audio.

When audio wasn’t playing, you had to tap the down arrow next to the ringer volume slider at the top of the screen to see the option. Well, it seems that in Android 9.0 Pie this option has been removed. Things have been flipped around with media volume now being the default control.

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While this makes sense in a lot of scenarios, it might become annoying if you’re looking to change the ringer volume. Sure, you can go to Settings, but if you use that menu, the phone has to ring after it has been adjusted. Basically, you can’t set your ring volume to max when exiting a meeting without letting everyone around you know.

This problem was highlighted in early August by a user in the Google Issue Tracker. And others have agreed that the absence of the feature in Android Pie can be a big inconvenience.

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Google apparently was in no hurry to tackle the issue, but now a month and a half later, they finally marked it as fixed. Which means we’re going to see the problem solved in a future update.

Source: XDA developers