Android 8.0 Oreo to release soon for U.S. Galaxy J3 2017 (aka Express Prime 2, J3 Prime, Amp Prime 2)

Samsung sells different variants of the Galaxy J3 and Galaxy J7 in the U.S. compared to what the rest of the globe gets. Not only do they ship with tweaked hardware specs, but they also carry different model numbers.

For instance, the Galaxy J3 2017 sold in the U.S. has model number SM-J327 while the rest of the globe has SM-J330. As of this writing, the latter is already receiving the update to Android Oreo in different markets across Asia and Europe, but the story isn’t the same when it comes to the former, U.S. variant.

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All is not gloomy, though, as the Wi-Fi Alliance has just cleared multiple carrier variants of the U.S. Galaxy J3 2017 as well as the unlocked model, implying that the device has been given the go-ahead to receive the OTA update. When exactly remains unknown, but history tells us that it won’t be long, probably in four weeks’ time.

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