Google Play Movies launches in Five more countries: Canada, UK, France, Spain and Australia

Google isn’t content with just announcing their new Nexus devices or the launch of Google Music in Europe, so the search giant has also enabled the purchasing of movies from Google Play in Canada, UK, France, Spain and Australia, further expanding the reach of Google Play content outside the U.S. Titles such as The Raid, The Avengers, or even older ones like Nowhere to Run are already available for rent or purchase, for prices ranging from £3.49 to £15 and above.

Android may not be near iOS when it comes to digital media content, but Google seems to be making all the right moves to ensure that Android doesn’t stay behind for long. After all, it is all about ecosystems with the most content in both quality and quantity these days.

So go ahead and visit the Google Play Store, grab some popcorn and start watching some films.