Google Music Launch Hints found in Latest Android Market App Archives

The all new all revamped Android Market v3.0.26 not only brought a refreshed UI and easy-apps-navigation, but it also secretly stored some hints about the cool Google Music service that was demoed in I/O 2010. Of course, Google Music is live, but it lacked all the game-changing features android fans had wished for. The guys at Android and Me did little digging — or heavy depending on your experience of with the archives — through the archives of new android market and were able to spot the unused Music App icons — orange icons in the screen at the top, that is — secretly holding a scene over there. But what’s the scene and why these icons were lying there if Google had no plans to upgrade the music service. (BTW, in case you had doubts, Orange is the color’s chief in the web version of Google music, so that makes total sense.)

Well, it could be that Google is still in negotiations with the Music companies and once the company gets signature of Music labels, it would issue an update to market to bring the unused Music icons alive. Or, in the more brighter side, Google has already agreed a deal with music labels but some hitches here and there prevented it to launch Google’s music app as it was hoping for. Anyways, the hints are more than enough to excite us and we do believe that full feature rich Google Music is just waffling around and can drop dead on us anytime now. What do you say?

And by full feature we mean several awesome features: ability to purchase music, PC songs being made available to online store upon detection on PC without the need to upload them, multiple device downloading of stored music, etc. — you, do add the features you would wan tin the comments below.

Via Androidandme

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