Google fixes Pixel 3a freezing during sleep bug on Android Q

Google Pixel 3a bug fixes

The Google Pixel 3a joined Android Q beta a few weeks ago. But being an unstable build, early adopters of the OS have been reporting several bugs, among them freezing when the phone is in sleep mode.

This bug was captured in the Google Issue Tracker in mid-June, where both the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL were reported to shut down when going in deep sleep. If the phone goes to sleep for about 10-15 minutes with the proximity sensor covered, the screen goes off leaving the phone unresponsive.

Nothing from wiping data and booting in safe mode to factory resetting fixed the issue, but now Google says it has fixed the bug in Android Q and it’s coming as part of a future preview update.

“The issue has been fixed and it will be available in a future preview release. Please keep an eye on the release notes,” the Googler notes.

Unfortunately, the story isn’t the same for affected users on Android 9 Pie, although we still hope a fix will be released in the coming days.


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