Google Pixel 3a update: Android security patch for June 2019 arrives

Pixel 3a update

Besides the camera, the Google Pixel 3a also offers the same software experience as the premium Pixels. But to maintain optimum performance, regular software updates are inevitable.  And on this page, we keep track of all the latest software news and updates from Google as and when we get them.

For the bigger Pixel 3a XL, see this page.


Latest news

June 04, 2019: Google is rolling out the first software update for the Google Pixel 3a that comes with June 2019 security patch. According to the changelog, the update fixes an issue related to Bluetooth security keys where it will now unpair your phone from vulnerable, exploit-prone keys and in thus removing it from the options to be used for two-factor authentication.

Google Pixel 3a software update timeline

Date Software version Download links Changelog
03 June 2019 PQ3B.190605.006 | Android 9 Factory image | OTA June 2019 security patch and fixes a bug related to Bluetooth security keys

Android Q update

  • Not available as an OTA under the beta program yet
  • Would be part of OTA updates in June
  • Q available as a factory image though (can install manually right now)

At the Pixel 3a launch event, Google also released the third Android Q beta for Pixels and a host of other non-Google phones. At the time, the Pixel 3a appeared to have been added to the Q beta page, which got many potential buyers quite excited.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make the switch to Android Q beta until June 2019. This is according to the updated support page, which also means the Pixel 3a will remain on the current March 2019 security patch until then.

Google Pixel 3a Q beta

That’s unexpected from a company that prides itself in selling hardware with the most up-to-date software, but then again, June isn’t too far away. Even better is that Pixel 3a users are likely to receive Android Q beta 4, which will be more stable and better suited to use as a daily driver.

Still, if you are a little impatient, you can already flash Q beta on your Pixel 3a manually by downloading the system image here, but this will disable future OTA updates for Q beta.

How to install Android Q manually

Interested users can download the Android Q factory image from here, and install it using the guide here.


Eligible for Android R and Android S too

  • Android version updates guaranteed till May 2022
  • Will receive (presumably) Android R and Android S updates

Google has already updated the software support page for the Pixels to add the Pixel 3a. Like others from the recent past, software support will last three years, ending May 2022.

Google Pixel 3a software support window

This means that besides Android Q, the Pixel 3a is also guaranteed to receive OS updates to Android R and Android S.


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