Google fixes a major Pixel 3 display issue in latest update

Pixel 3 problems

Back in November, a bug surfaced on the phones of the users who used the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL devices. Users reported a serious problem that when they tried to wake up their phones, sometimes, white flashes would appear on the Ambient display of their Pixel 3 devices. Since then, users have been plagued by this bug. Well, no more.

Google released this month’s patches for Pixel 3 devices a few days ago and one of the patches solves this Ambient display problem. If we look at the update bulletin of the April 2019 patches, this fix is under the reference id: A-119327025.

Moreover, with this fix also comes other updates like better Assistant voice-unlocking, better Bluetooth and an option to change the wifi connectivity when you’re activating an eSIM, for selective carriers.

That’s the only major update the search engine giant has released recently, as today, they also began rolling Android Q beta 2, only 20 days since the release of beta 1.

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