Google Duo reaches 100 million installs on the Play Store

Google Duo

After touching 50 million downloads on the Play Store a couple of months ago, Google’s Duo has now reached the 100 million installation mark.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that there are over 100M active users currently, it sure indicates that the app is gaining popularity among the users slowly.

Hence the substantial improvement in the installation number which can be attributed to aggressive marketing and perhaps the easy Play Store discoverability.

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To recall, the app was launched alongside the Allo app by Google during last year’s I/O conference. Duo was the search engine giant’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype.

Initially, though, the app offered support only for video calls which left it slightly behind its counterparts. That, however, changed when the company rolled out support for voice calls a few months ago.

Google’s Duo is simple and easy to use. And most importantly, it doesn’t consume a large amount of data, at least according to Google’s claims. Besides, it is also claimed to function properly in low connection speeds.

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