Voice call support on Google Duo now rolling out for all

Google Duo

Google in August last year confirmed that its standalone video-chat app, the Duo will soon get support for audio-calls. However, it didn’t reveal a specific timeframe. As it turns out, soon meant 7 months as the company recently announced support for voice calls on the app.

Initially, the new feature was made available in Brazil only. But starting today, voice calls support begins rolling out for Duo users all over the world. The news came in from Amit Fulay, product head at Google Allo and Duo.

The audio call feature comes in quite handy in places like India where people are quite conscious about their mobile data. Also, Google promises that the feature won’t consume a large chunk of data and would work decently on low connection speeds as well.

Google had announced the Duo (alongside the Allo app) at Google I/O conference last year to compete against the likes of Apple’s FaceTime. However, unlike FaceTime, the app lacked support for audio calls which left Android users asking for more. Finally, though, the feature has made it to the app.

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