Google could be working on a third smartphone, codenamed Taimen

Just recently, a report told us that the new Google Pixel 2 phones coming out this year are possibly codenamed ‘Walleye’, and ‘Muskie.’ Now, there’s a new report that says that Google might be working on another third Pixel or non-Pixel device codenamed ‘Taimen.’

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The new report cites multiple source who stated that this new device will have a larger display, but is not a tablet. It will be another smartphone, but they are not sure if it would be part of the Pixel family.

Nothing is known about this third device as of now, except the codename ‘Taimen’, which is the name for a very large fish. It is possible that Google is working on another device with a larger display, perhaps 6-inch or larger. They could slim down the bezels and cram a large display without having to increase the overall footprint.

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The new Pixel 2 devices aren’t going to be here till October 2017, so there’s a long way to go. There will be a lot more rumors and reports as the months pass by. We will have to wait to find out more about this mystery third device that Google could be working on.

via Droid-life

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