Google confirms ARCore support for Moto G6, Mi 8, OnePlus 6/5T, Nokia 7 Plus/6.1, and Huawei Mate 10 RS

Galaxy S7 ARCore

In late 2017, Google launched the ARCore platform meant to bring augmented reality (AR) apps to Android via the Play Store. While there have been ways to manually install ARCore APK on Android phones that are not currently supported, we’ve seen a good number of devices gain official support for ARCore over the recent weeks. And the growing list has new members on board.

Google has made it official that more devices are gaining support for ARCore in the latest version. The devices in question are the Motorola Moto G6, Xiaomi Mi 8, OnePlus 6 and 5T, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 as well as Huawei’s limited edition Mate 10 RS.

ARCore doesn’t need any special hardware to give you the desired results, which is why this feature is also coming to more devices in future. In addition to this list of supported devices, ARCore is also coming to others like Sony’s XZ, XZs, XZ2 Compact and XZ2 Premium, LG Q6, Huawei Honor 10 and even the OG Nokia 6, among others.

For those using any Samsung phone whose model number ends in a 0 or 8, for instance, SM-G9600 or SM-G9608 (these are Chinese variants), there’s no ARCore for you, Google notes.

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