Google Assistant keyboard input support is live

Yesterday, at Google I/O 2017, the search giant announced that keyboard input will soon be available for Google Assistant. Turns out, Google is already making this feature available for some users.

So far, Google Assistant did not support text input from users to search for queries. You had to use voice to initiate a search. Thankfully, with text input support, users can now type to search for information and make things less awkward.

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Several users are reporting that the feature can be enabled by simply clearing the Google app Data and Cache. If it doesn’t appear immediately, you should wait a few minutes and then relaunch the Google app. Of course, it isn’t working for everyone at the moment, but it does mean that Google has most likely already started the rollout.

We’re not sure if the current roll-out if only for certain devices that are certain Android versions. Some users have reported that they got the update working in both Nougat and the Android O beta, but others have tried and weren’t successful. What do you think about the text input in Google Assistant?

Via: Reddit

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