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Google Areo app released, lets you order food and home services online

Google has just released a new app on the Play store — Areo. The name itself doesn’t tell much about the app, but it’s about making it easier and faster for you to order food and home services online.

The app is currently live only in Bangalore and Mumbai in India. But if things go cool, the search engine giant will probably expand its services to other cities in India and to other countries as well.

The app will let you order food from your favorite restaurants in a single tap from your phone. It has robust search features built-in, you can search by dish or restaurant, and also filter between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

The home services part is even more interesting. Areo will let you avail services from local electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, etc. much faster, right from your phone.

All of this will be supported by helpful reviews to help you make informed choices when ordering food from a restaurant or availing services from an expert.

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