Samsung releases build PL3 for Galaxy S7 Nougat

The third iteration of the Galaxy S7 Nougat beta, with build number G930FXXU1ZPL3, is making rounds in the Samsung beta testing program. This beta update bring bug fixes, stability and performance improvements over the previous build. It also includes the addition of Samsung Pass and Samsung Note.

But more importantly, it renames the Samsung’s custom skin. Yes, it really does. Far gone are the days when we used to call it Samsung TouchWiz, now, it won’t be called GraceUX even it seems, as the new build lists the UI as Samsung experience. Yup, not sexy at all, but that’s that — I personally thought GraceUX was cool.

But the beta still has unresolved issues in the form of WiFi connectivity problems and delay in screen unlocking. Samsung has now stopped accepting beta testers, hinting at the possibility of an official to soon Nougat rollout — while it’s sure to hit by December end.

A few weeks back Samsung UK began pushing the third Nougat beta build for testing. In other news Samsung, the Galaxy S7 Edge has officially received the Black Pearl 128 GB variant in addition to the other five colors that Samsung is now offering.

Samsung is clearly lagging behind in terms of Android 7.0 Nougat release, as HTC has alreasy one for its unlocked One M9 and HTC 10 sets, while LG trumped all OEMs with its LG G5 Nougat release. The unlucky device not up for the Nougat update can still have it unofficially via CM14.