Galaxy Note 10 to get UFS 3.0 storage and a compact RAM to create room for a bigger battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be unveiled in August 2019, which leaves us with a little over two months to speculate all we can.

We know the Galaxy Note 10 will borrow some aspects of the Galaxy S10 family, more so the Galaxy S10 5G variant. We also know that the device will come in multiple variants that include a compact model. Like years before, it’s also common knowledge that the specs inside the Note 10 will largely resemble what we see inside the S10 series, albeit with a few tweaks here and there.

Among these tweaks will be the switch to the latest UFS 3.0 storage that promises to be 2x faster than the current UFS 2.1 storage modules used on the Galaxy S10 family. The Note 10 will also ship with a more compact RAM in order to create room for a bigger battery unit.

Speaking of, the Galaxy Note 10 will share the same battery capacity as the Galaxy S10 5G – a 4500mAh unit. This is a solid 500mAh more than the Note 9, but it’s still unclear whether this unit will appear in the Note 10 Pro or 5G Pro variant.

Samsung is also said to be planning a new, faster battery charging tech of up to 50W, the same as Oppo’s Super VOOC. In comparison, the S10 and S10+ support 15W fast charging while the S10 5G has 25W fast charging, making the Note 10 twice as fast as the S10 5G.

It has also been rumored that Samsung will debut an S Pen with a camera, but as per the latest reports, this change won’t accompany the Note 10. The display screen is expected to be bigger than the 6.4-inch panel on the Note 9, which justifies the claimed 19:9 aspect ratio.

With a couple or so months left, expect more of these leaks to keep trickling in as the day approaches.


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